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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Join the adventure in the fields, factories of Collect Bits Mod. Players transform into the main character Charo to enter the journey to find the money. Accompanying you is a brave robot named Lucis. The two characters will support each other on a challenging journey. With countless dangers waiting for you ahead, robots appear all the way. Face a series of enemies who want to take your life. You will have to find ways to survive, move smartly to avoid attacks from enemies. The game belongs to the action game genre, with an interesting scene style. You are adventurous in your own journey. With the task of collecting gold coins along the way, and destroy the robots that intend to attack you.

Download Collect Bits Mod – Control Main Character Charo In The Journey To Collect Money

Each level in Collect Bits Mod is played in real-time. In a certain period of time, you need to collect as many coins as you can. Use personal skills, overcome obstacles to go further. Also, pick up objects on the ground to make weapons. Attack the cyborgs who intend to harm you with throwing action. Besides, at each level, you have a maximum of 5 lives. Each time you are attacked or hit by an enemy, you will lose one life. The adventure only stops when time ends or you lose all 5 hearts. After finishing the game screen, the bonus you receive will correspond to the amount of money you collect in the game screen.Collect Bits Mod

Do 3 main moves, face the challenge

The gameplay of the Collect Bits Mod game is quite interesting. With the perfect combination of scene elements and combat. Help you enjoy your own adventure in the quest to collect gold coins. Here, you only need to perform 3 basic movements including running, jumping, and throwing. Move continuously throughout the journey to collect gold coins. Jump over obstacles and walls. Combine throwing skills to attack enemies. However, you need an object in your hand to perform the throw. Although the movements are quite simple, it is not easy to perform flexibly. Because throughout the process of going to the scene, the happenings in the game are constantly changing. Along with the appearance of robots, robots. Make you face a lot of difficulties, maybe even die if you don’t focus.Game Collect Bits Mod

Easy to pass the first stage, the difficulty is increasing day by day

Enter the first adventure of Collect Bits Mod. Everything goes quite smoothly, you don’t have too many difficulties at the beginning. Just move and collect gold coins that are scattered on the road. At the same time, the obstacles and roads are quite easy to move. Help you quickly pass the first level without too many obstacles. However, as soon as we move on to the next adventure. The difficulty of the game will be changed, the pace will increase gradually. At that time, you will have to face many challenges. The guns are mounted everywhere along the way. Along with the appearance of robots, they block the way and attack you at any time. The terrain is also changed, making you encounter a lot of difficulties. Requires puzzle skills to find a new path, while defeating the cyborgs to protect yourself.Download Collect Bits Mod

Rich map

Besides collecting money and destroying the robots. Law Empire Tycoon Mod also opens up a lot of opportunities for you to explore lively locations. Traverse verdant grasslands, or machine towns developed by technology. Or the cold Antarctic region, covered with snow and ice all year round. Each location is a challenging area, along with a lot of money for you to collect. Overcoming challenges and difficult terrain, in turn, you will accumulate a lot of money. From there you can buy a lot of valuable items. Also, upgrade and develop Charo’s character.Tai Collect Bits Mod

When it comes to the graphics of Law Empire Tycoon Mod, it will make you feel extremely excited. From the map, the sound to the characters is portrayed very nicely. Combined with the flexible movement of the main character Charo and the sub-robot Lucis through each movement. Besides, sound is one of the most outstanding elements of the game. The background music is gentle, interspersed with the actions of the characters throughout the game. Help participants feel excited, not bored. However, the game cannot be suitable for all devices. The developer requirement is that the device must have 2GB of internal memory or more. Those things are still not guaranteed to be playable, because the game can only be downloaded with some suitable devices.

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