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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Combat Assault: SHOOTER takes you to a country that is being disrupted by reactionary forces. Making human life chaotic, death is always lurking. Players will transform into professional special forces. Being assigned the responsibility to prevent the bad situation that is happening, to protect the peace of the people. You will have to engage in fierce life and death battles, confronting extremely powerful and aggressive enemies. They have all undergone rigorous training, so their combat skills are not inferior to those of commandos. Therefore, players must be very careful, not to underestimate the enemy. Equip yourself with the most modern weapons to be ready to enter the battle. Take every opportunity to take down all enemies, quickly complete the mission. And get attractive rewards, affirming your fighting talent. Gameplay owns high-quality 3D graphics, so it simulates a realistic battlespace. Bringing players the shooting screen has hands, fierce.

Download Combat Assault: SHOOTER Mod – Fight against terrorist forces

Join Combat Assault: SHOOTER Mod players will always face deadly dangers. Fierce, fiery shooting battles will happen often. But don’t worry too much because your teammates always follow and support you. When the game screen begins, quickly move the character to a safely hidden corner. To easily observe and destroy each enemy. This war is not for those who always act on emotions, hastily. Because this will cause you to be quickly shot down by the enemy and eliminated from the game. They are not only large but also very strong. Therefore, it is necessary to have the most effective fighting method. Create the perfect strategy with your teammates. Combined with top marksmanship skills and guns with great destructive power. It is possible to quickly wipe out the terrorist group without spending too much effort and time. Overcoming stressful and dangerous levels, players will be rewarded. With valuable rewards and attractive gifts.

Combat Assault SHOOTER mod

Weapon system

The main weapon is a great tool to help players destroy enemies easily. Gameplay will give you guns that can cause very high damage. For example Rifles, machine guns, AK guns, sniper rifles, etc. All are designed to resemble reality to make it easy for players to know how to use. Each type will have a different shooting pattern, so practice with them all. In order to capture their strengths, they can be constantly changed to suit the battle situation. In addition, the system also provides players with grenades. Can deal with all the terrorists in a flash.

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Complete quests and upgrade

The main task of the player in Combat Assault: SHOOTER Mod is to destroy the enemy. This is the job throughout the game screen. You will have to pass before you can move on to a new level. In addition, the system will assign side missions such as rescuing hostages, finding important documents, etc. Help players feel more interesting when experiencing. After each stage, you not only receive attractive rewards. It also has a skill upgrade system, increased fire rate, and higher damage. So, let’s overcome all challenges and tasks to become stronger.

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Various battle locations

The battles take place at a fast pace, fierce. Will make players feel stressed, anxious. But gameplay won’t let that happen. Because the beautiful battle scenes will dispel such negative moods. Each level is a different place for you to freely try and explore. For example City, town, office, abandoned house, forest, village, etc. The player fights but at the same time can see the scenery everywhere. This is truly an interesting and rewarding journey. Conquer all levels to enjoy, explore all locations.

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Graphics and Sound

What makes players attracted and attracted quickly is thanks to the 3D graphics. Simulate realistic battles. Gives you the feeling that you are participating in real shooting scenes. All images are meticulously constructed, carefully to show the sharpest. The movements of the character or every time the bullets are fired will be accompanied by special effects. To make a strong impression on players. Diverse, lively sounds of different guns. Or the sound of footsteps can also be felt very clearly. Help the player to locate the enemy.

If you are a fan of the fighting game genre. Come to Combat Assault: SHOOTER will fulfill this desire. Players will not only be able to show off their top marksmanship skills but also have the opportunity to experience the dangerous missions of a special agent. With simple gameplay but requires high combat skills. So practice regularly to improve. Download Combat Assault: SHOOTER Mod on a mission to destroy terrorist organizations and smash their evil plots.

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