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Commando Adventure Assassin Mod is considered one of the best offline shooting games in 2020. The graphics are designed to be extremely vivid, the space is inspired by many unique maps. The most outstanding thing about the game is that it can be played offline without connecting to the Internet. Along with realistic 3D graphics like other online FPS games. This is an action game, provided by the publisher Spiritapps. You play as a sniper in the fight to protect the country. Accompanying you are other great shooters, they are all developed by the Al system. That means you are the commander and lead the commando team to defeat the enemy with the gun in hand.

Download Commando Adventure Assassin Mod – The War To Protect The Country Of A Professional Gunman

The gameplay of Commando Adventure Assassin Mod is inspired by Battle Royale elements. Using the first-person perspective, giving you a more realistic experience in each battle. In addition to the task of defending the country, this is also a battle for survival. Because you will have to face a lot of dangers in a cruel environment. In addition to the harshness from external factors, the enemy is one of the main factors that put you in danger. Unannounced, they lurk in various locations on the map. May appear suddenly, even take your life instantly. Requires a combination of teammates, flexible use of your tactics. Combine with the obstacles on the map to make cannon fodder, helping you avoid the enemy’s attack.Commando Adventure Assassin Mod

Battle Royale mode, search for weapons to fight

In Commando Adventure Assassin Mod there is only one mode, which is Battle Royale. Starting the fight from skydiving, the game automatically chooses the appropriate location for you to land. Then quickly search for weapons to make combat tools. At the same time, pick up accompanying items such as first aid medicine, grenades to make support tools. Using it when needed can save your life in danger. Your mission is to be the only survivor in the battle. Over time, the map will automatically shrink, bringing people closer together. That means the shooting will continuously break out, requiring a gunman’s fighting skills to survive.Download Commando Adventure Assassin Mod

Real-time, optimal control system

The battle of Commando Adventure Assassin Mod takes place in real-time. After the time is over, the last person who is still alive and has the best score wins. At the same time get a lot of items and attractive rewards. Not to disappoint players, the game developer focuses on the control system in an optimal and flexible way. The control interface is optimally designed, along with high maneuverability. Helps you easily move flexibly on the map and use quick support tools. At the same time, remove the elements of manual control, develop effective automation. For example environmental compatibility, automatic sprinting when in danger. Even auto-targeting, making it easy to shoot down enemies.Tai Commando Adventure Assassin Mod

Equip armor, support items, choose a safe location

Besides using a gun with high damage. Equipping armor, backpacks, and collecting support items are indispensable in Commando Adventure Assassin Mod. Because in this dramatic war, you can’t predict what will happen. Can be attacked at any time or surrounded by enemies. Equipped armor and first aid items can save your life in times of emergency. Especially fighting skills and knowing how to take advantage of the terrain from the surrounding environment. Hide behind cars or a safe location, helping you avoid the pursuit of the enemy. At the same time can aim very accurately, knocking down the enemy with just one bullet when it hits the head. After the enemy is defeated, you can pick up items dropped from their backpacks to continue the fight.Game Commando Adventure Assassin Mod

Although Commando Adventure Assassin Mod is an offline FPS shooting game. However, the game still supports your attractive PvP mode. Helps you to fight with friends and other online players. To show off your skills and enjoy the brutal battle in a harsh environment. Win against your opponent by getting the best score. At the same time climb the rankings of professional shooters. And receive countless rewards and attractive gifts from those wars. For example unique outfits and impressive weapon skins.

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