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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Huge amount of currency in the game

Construction Simulator 3 Mod is a simulation game inspired by construction works, published by Astragon, a German company specializing in creating attractive simulation software. The game is part 3 of the Construction Simulator game released in 2015, but this is an upgraded version and also a construction simulation game on mobile phone configuration. Currently, the gameplay is developed based on two platforms IOS and Android, making it easy for players to access and download in many different ways. More specifically, when you download the game on our site, you will experience the attractive Unlimited Money Mod feature to make playing the game easier.

Download Construction Simulator 3 Mod – Build Huge Constructions

Have you ever wondered how huge constructions like skyscrapers are built and designed? I really admire them because and think of the saying “our hands make it all” with only sand, cement, water, and supporting equipment, they have created proud and outstanding works. Photos of buildings in the middle of the city. Join Hack Construction Simulator 3 players will have to take full responsibility for the constructions created such as road works, buildings, or industrial zones so you need to have a specific strategy. and proper management.Construction Simulator 3 Mod

Complete the quests

Starting Construction Simulator 3 Mod you will become a small construction company owner with the desire to develop the company to become more developed and prosperous, you need to complete difficult challenges and assigned tasks. . At first, there will be difficulties when you do not have enough tools and large projects, so gradually get used to small and medium projects. When you have completed projects with a unique beauty that bring the trust of customers and investors, you will gradually sign larger contracts with customers and attract more attractive financial resources. guide.

More than 70 contracts and more than 50 different vehicles

Construction Simulator 3 owns more than 70 contracts with the large and small scale of all kinds including social works, skyscrapers, long distances or large industrial parks, etc. Once you sign the contract, you can use it. Use your car to move there to start work. In addition, the game also has more than 50 different vehicles such as trucks, excavators, wheelchairs, cranes, drills, … to serve construction work, each type of vehicle has different characteristics that carry different weights. responsible for construction. The vehicles come from 14 famous brands in the world specializing in the construction industry such as MAN, Joseph Vögele AG, MEILLER Kipper CASE, BOMAG, Liebherr,… and many other brands are waiting for you to learn.Game Construction Simulator 3 Mod

Enjoy the view from the cockpit

Thanks to the panoramic view from the cockpit, players can enjoy wonderful views of the idyllic town in the foothills of the Alps. Imagine how wonderful it would be to sit in your car and move on country roads with classical music in your spare time. Besides, Construction Simulator 3 Mod will give you a great feeling when driving tall construction vehicles moving through different maps.

3D graphics

Graphics of the game Construction Simulator 3 Mod is designed in a sharp 3D form, the developer has succeeded in building very detailed and meticulous images. With vivid images that help players have a realistic view of the construction industry. The design of construction vehicles, buildings, roads, and structures is very realistic with the simple task of drag and drop. Combined with sound effects with soothing music and fun tunes, players have a sense of excitement when participating.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Construction Simulator 3 players will experience the interesting unlimited money feature, then you can unleash unlocking construction vehicles such as cranes, excavators, trucks and add to your collection. Besides, you can also buy the necessary tools and enjoy consumption without having to worry about running out of money, then it will be easier for you to complete the task. Download Construction Simulator 3 Mod to explore building huge structures and control the vehicle.

Download Construction Simulator 3 Mod APK 1.2 (Unlimited Money)

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