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Update October 26, 2021 (2 years ago)

Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod is a match-3 puzzle game. Revolving around the activities of Cookie, a cookie dummy. With mischievous actions like a hyperactive human being. Join the game, you will accompany the Cookie dummy in puzzle levels. Go on a quest to collect items crafted from jelly. With lots of different shapes for you to match and collect. This is a puzzle game, provided by Devsisters Corporation. With a lot of interesting features, not just the usual puzzle levels. You can also compete with other online players. Through match-3 puzzles to attack opponents. Or you can come to special levels in the quest system. Overcome tough challenges to complete excellent missions.

Download Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod – Puzzle Game Of Cookie Dummies

In the match-3 puzzle levels of Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod. The items are all made from jelly. With so many different shapes and colors. Includes red sausage, purple flower, green peach, teardrop, mangosteen, and cantaloupe. These are the types of items that will appear in puzzle levels. Your task is to match 3 or more items with the same color and shape. However, the same items in each level will appear in different locations. You need to closely monitor all the items that appear on the screen. Then match to collect.Cookie Run Puzzle World Mod

Crafting special items and exploding items

Any type of item that appears in the levels of Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod. When you can match 4 or more types, a special item will be created. After pairing with the corresponding items, will create impressive combos. For example, if you match 4 identical sausages, you will create a special sausage. After matching with the remaining sausages for the next puzzle turn. Will create a combo that can collect all other items. Vertically and horizontally, counting from the position after pairing the special sausage. Moreover, when matching 5 similar items. You can also get an item that has the ability to explode. Same as above, just match with the corresponding items for the next turn. Will create a certain explosion area, around the exploding item you just paired.Ear Cookie Run Puzzle World Mod

Over 26 missions with hundreds of puzzle levels

Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod provides a diverse mission system. Over 26 missions, with hundreds of exciting puzzle levels for you to explore. Some typical missions such as Berry Jam House, Board Freezer, Pumpkin Scarecrow, … and many more. Each mission takes place on a lot of puzzle levels. Along with that are the conditions you need to fulfill in each game screen. Collect the required number of items within the allowed number of puzzles to complete the quest. The difficulty of the game will constantly increase every time you step into a new puzzle level. With gameplay, own rules that you need to follow. Complete missions with a maximum of 3 stars. From there, you will get a lot of rewards. And keep coming up with new challenges.Download Cookie Run Puzzle World Mod

Puzzle match with monsters

Besides the puzzle levels to collect items. Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod also takes you into match-3 puzzle matches. Your enemies are monsters that crave sweets. With turn-based combat, the Cookie dummy and the enemy will take turns solving puzzles. Match items to attack the enemy. The match only ends when one of the two sides is defeated, unable to continue the puzzle. During the match, when it’s your turn to attack. Try to match the items intelligently. Also, create combos to deal massive damage to enemies. Causes their blood to be quickly depleted. After the war is over, you will get a lot of loot. Cookies can be upgraded to increase damage for the next matches.Game Cookie Run Puzzle World Mod

Join the online mode of Cookie Run: Puzzle World Mod. You will be competing with online players around the world. Through the Champions League arena to compare puzzle skills. As well as demonstrating the power of the Cookie character. Continually win against opponents. You will have the opportunity to climb the achievement leaderboard. What’s more, you can even form a team with your friends. Challenge other teams through a match-3 puzzle game. Compete fairly with each person’s individual puzzle skills.

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