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Cooking Diary is dedicated to those who have a passion for cooking. Want to become the chief of a large, luxurious, and famous restaurant in the city. You will play the role of a boss who manages a famous restaurant chain in the world. The dining services here are extremely high-class, extremely luxurious. Meeting the needs of all guests, helping them to be satisfied with delicious and unique dishes. All work in the restaurant is managed by you. Especially in cooking, you are the only chef who cooks in this shop. In addition, there will be waiters, waitresses, kitchen assistants, etc. The staff working for the shop will be arranged and decided by you. When the number of customers to the restaurant is larger. You should invest in more machines and tools to help you process food faster. Store development, scale expansion,

Download Cooking Diary Mod – Restaurant Manager

The plot of the game tells us the information, the origin of the store you are managing. It is the legacy that your ancestors left you. The player’s task is to restore the store’s brand, making it more prosperous and prosperous. Cooking Diary Mod provides you with a lot of knowledge related to this topic of food, eating, and cooking. If in fact, you are weak in this field, this is really a very good opportunity to practice and learn. The customers who come to the store will belong to many different tops. There are people who are very fastidious, have different tastes. As a good manager, you should be very calm in such situations. When you see them have a bad attitude, seem angry, don’t blame them. It’s fast and makes food for them first. Quality assurance so that customers are satisfied will visit your store more.

Cooking Diary mod apk

Become a talented chef

The opportunity to become the most talented and famous chef in the world is extremely easy. Working time is regulated by the system from 8 am to 7 pm. May finish earlier if you complete the target for the day before the required time. As the manager, as well as the main chef in the store. You need to research and create delicious and famous dishes to help the store attract more customers. Bring revenue and profit to the shop. The system has recipes for famous dishes from many countries around the world. Players can use coins to unlock and cook according to that recipe. Every week there will be a cooking competition, competing between players. Please join, show your top cooking talent. The award for the best chef is extremely valuable, extremely meaningful. Don’t let it fall into the hands of others.

Cooking Diary game mod

Customize your character

In addition to being free to cook, you can also customize your character very easily. As the head of the store, the head chef is famous in the world. Therefore, your appearance and demeanor also need to be dignified, showing your class. In the competition to find the king of chefs, there is also a style prize for whoever has the best outfit and charisma. So, take care, invest in unique costumes for your character to stand out, more unique. The chef can be male or female, the outfit also depends on the lender you choose. The details on the face can also be customized easily. Note: To buy new skins you need coins and reach the required system level. New skins can be unlocked.

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Restaurant design

Some of the items, tools, and machines in the store have become old and are no longer usable. If you pay close attention, you will notice that this is extremely easy. Change to create a more lively, luxurious space. Make every guest when coming to your restaurant feel satisfied with the space of the restaurant. Customizable interior and exterior landscaping. Especially the exterior needs to be invested and designed in detail. Customers walking on the street see the restaurant has a unique and fancy point. They will be curious, want to eat, and discover if there is something interesting.

Cooking Diary mod apk

If you think you will cook alone, that is completely incorrect. Cooking Diary allows players to connect with other gamers, with their friends. Cook together, combine to build a large, famous restaurant in the world. Especially between players can interact, talk back and forth. Download Cooking Diary Mod to express your creativity in the field of cooking.

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