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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Cooking Fever Mod is a cooking game, for me, it is the best game, developed by Nordcurrent. The game is completely free for those who love cooking, want to learn about it but have not had the opportunity. The dishes in the game are extremely diverse, beautifully presented on the food plates just like in real life. Suitable for all ages can try playing as long as you are a cooking lover. Famous dishes or typical dishes for each country. The dishes of Europe, or with Asian dishes are also shown most clearly. Participating in this cooking game is like you become a real chef, making dishes according to customers’ requirements in the most perfect way.

Download Cooking Fever Mod – Become A Real Chef

Cooking Fever Mod simulates like a true cooking kitchen, with decorative interiors also designed as a top luxury restaurant with full amenities. There are kitchen tables, cabinets, many tables, and chairs as well as presses or microwaves to help you cook. This is a really perfect cooking game, with dishes that are completed according to real-life recipes. Using your knowledge, along with the instructions that the game has been designed to cook dishes according to the requirements of diners. From the available ingredients with a variety of different ingredients, you have to choose the right dish to make the dish that meets the customer’s requirements.Cooking Fever Mod

If you’re new to the game, you don’t have enough kitchens to cook, as well as some dishes you can’t make. In times of crowded customers, you may have to use all the time you have as quickly as possible to create the right time to meet customers. To meet this, you have to save and open yourself more tools, open more kitchens and some dishes. Because customers are king, try not to let them leave or complain about your restaurant. You can also give some extra gifts to thank customers for visiting, if the guests find it good, the restaurant has the opportunity to develop further to be able to build a chain of restaurants.

Building a Restaurant Chain

The fun of this cooking game is not only that, Hack Cooking Fever not only has one place for you to open a restaurant but there are many different places. There are up to 27 seats from famous cities of European countries to Asia or even restaurants near the sea. The types of dishes served will be suitable for each place to show you the richness and beauty of the culinary world. There will be a lot of different guests to eat up, do your best. You not only cook in the restaurant but also have competitions to show your cooking skills, there will be gifts if you do well. Your efforts will be rewarded, building a great restaurant chain.Cooking Fever Mod

Graphics Of Cooking Fever Mod

Developer Nordcurrent has designed this Cooking Fever Mod cooking game to be really great, with a realistic design. Building images from dishes, kitchen utensils to decorations around the tables are meticulously cared to make it look very authentic. From good food to drinks to fast food, famous dishes from all over the world are in the game. If you are a cooking lover, you will surely fall in love with this game.

New to Cooking Fever, the restaurant has just been opened and has not earned much, so there are things that cannot be done. But if with this version of Cooking Fever Mod, you have Unlimited Money right away, no longer worrying about the times when it is too crowded and you can’t cook in time as well as some dishes that are not available to meet the customer’s requirements anymore. With not enough money, you can buy yourself all the tools and materials. Or unlock all the dishes to meet all the needs of customers, show off your cooking skills to become a worthy chef.

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