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Cooking Frenzy simulates exciting cooking, giving players endless fun. Satisfy the passion of those who love to cook. But not having enough conditions to develop his passion. Your main task in this gameplay is to become a talented chef, cooking for great restaurants in the world. In addition to being able to cook, satisfy your passion. Then you can also travel and explore many places around the world. Try to collect many famous dishes, many people love. Make your restaurant menu richer and more diverse. This gameplay is guaranteed not to disappoint fans at all. Because the gameplay is really diverse, there are attractive missions for you to perform. Vivid scenes and especially high-quality graphics combined with fun background music stimulate players to be more excited.

Download Cooking Frenzy Mod – Simulate the cooking work of the top super chefs in the world

Each country will have a famous and unique dish with its own style and taste. Coming to Cooking Frenzy Mod you will be able to cook attractive dishes from Asia, Europe, America, etc…… And more. Gameplay requires players to have knowledge and experience in cooking. The extremely important task that you need to perform first is to unlock more recipes for new dishes. All are sold in the shop. Try to make a lot of money and unlock them all. Overcome many challenges, complete the tasks assigned by the system. You will get bonuses, unlock more new recipes. Make your restaurant menu richer and more attractive. Research and create unique dishes by yourself. Build your own brand. Make a difference that no other store has. Your efforts and efforts will be rewarded with valuable gifts. Especially, the opportunity for promotion, being able to cook infamous, big restaurants in the world is very high.

Cooking Frenzy mod apk

Create many delicious dishes

The number 1 famous chef in the world. You need to be creative in cooking. Constantly creating new, famous, popular dishes. Meet all the needs of customers, make them feel satisfied when they come to your store. Use the right ingredients to cook delicious, unique dishes. During the cooking process, you need to pay attention and pay attention to the dishes to ensure that they do not burn.

Cooking Frenzy game mod

Show off your cooking talent

In Cooking Frenzy Mod, there are many great restaurants for you to choose to work and manage. Test yourself with famous brands in the world. When you create delicious, novel dishes, etc… Attract more customers to the restaurant. At that time, you will receive a lot of bonuses and especially your brand will be spread further. In particular, every week the system will open a cooking contest to find the most talented chef. An opportunity for you to freely show off your top cooking talents.

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Various materials

Cooking Frenzy Mod is full of foods, vegetables, tubers, fruits, etc… Which in fact are needed to create delicious dishes. All modern tools and machines are available. Create the best conditions for you to cook dishes according to customer requirements. However, the system will not unlock all ingredients for players to easily cook. This is also a small challenge that you need to overcome. Try to cook many delicious dishes, attract a large number of customers to eat. You will have money to unlock more new products.

Build your cooking team

All business activities need the support and help of the team. One person cannot do all the work in the store. You need to build a team of cooking, serving, etc… To be able to have more free time. Develop stores, expand more branches throughout the city. To be able to recruit many quality, talented, and hard-working employees. You need to complete the tasks assigned by the system. With a lot of money and experience, it is easier to build an effective cooking and sales team.

Cooking Frenzy mod apk

If you are a cooking enthusiast, don’t miss Cooking Frenzy. It will be great when the dishes you make yourself are warmly received and supported by everyone. The gameplay also helps players to promote their own creativity. Gain experience to develop real-world talent. This gameplay is really simple and easy to play, suitable for all ages. Download Cooking Frenzy Mod show your cooking talent to everyone

Download Cooking Frenzy Mod APK 1.0.62 (Unlimited Money)

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