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Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod is a very useful educational game. As a chef owns a large restaurant. When joining the cooking game of the developer Office Create Corp. The player’s task is to prepare and cook the most delicious dishes. Serve customers so that they feel satisfied when using your dishes. With a fairly simple control mechanism, direct manipulation on the screen. Make it easy for all players to perform in-game activities. As mentioned above, the game belongs to the educational game genre. When young children participate in the game, they can be inspired to cook. Help young children feel excited when they are in the kitchen to cook delicious food.

Download Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod – Complete the Stages to Cook Delicious Food

The mission system of Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod is extremely interesting. The game offers a lot of dishes for a chef like you to make. Includes steak, cake, pizza, and more. Each dish is divided into several stages of cooking. With a control system designed for direct use. You will experience the feeling of a real chef. It is possible to understand each ingredient in a dish clearly, through the stages of cooking. Using the chef’s two hands, you will start the cooking mission. For example to cook out a steak. First, you need to chop the onion, by peeling and slicing. Then put in a frying pan until golden brown and then turn to grind the meat. Next, mix the onion and meat together. Finally, use two hands to compress the meat and put it on the oil pan.Cooking Mama Let’s cook Mod

Stages, execution speed

To be able to cook a delicious dish in Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod. Players need to perform a lot of different stages. Each stage is a task, requiring the chef to perform meticulously. Complete each stage with the maximum number of stars, 3 stars. Complete the stages with excellent achievements in turn. From there, you will cook up a delicious dish to serve customers. During the cooking process, sometimes the execution speed is so slow that the completion progress is not guaranteed. Or too fast speed also makes your dish poor quality. Maintain the cooking speed fast, slow depending on the stage. From there, you will cook quality dishes. Make customers feel good. Means fulfilling the duties of a chef.Tai Cooking Mama Let’s cook Mod

Harvest ingredients from farms and ranches

In Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod ingredients are ingredients to cook delicious dishes. Over time, the number of customers is increasing. The lack of ingredients to cook will cause your restaurant to reduce the number of customers. By not being able to serve them the requested food. Here, you can develop a farm to be able to harvest agricultural products. Or raise cattle on the farm to produce meat. You can even participate in fishing activities to collect a lot of products. After earning a large sum of money. You can continue to invest in your farm and equipment, which will ensure the source of raw materials is never short. Can serve every customer the most delicious food.Dowload Cooking Mama Let’s cook Mod

Over 30 minigames

More than 30 mini-games provided by Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod. Typical like Help, Play Shopkeeper, Brain exercise,… and many more. Each minigame is an entertaining game for you to explore. With its own gameplay and rules, when participating players need to comply. You can challenge your brain when participating in puzzle games. Or simply for fun. Complete the game with the highest score, you also have a chance to get rewards. Reach the maximum score, surpassing your own achievements in mini-games. You will get a bonus. From there, you can enter the shop to unlock more new recipes.Game Cooking Mama Let’s cook Mod

Graphics of the game Cooking Mama: Let’s cook Mod is designed quite impressively. The developer uses bright colors, creating a lively kitchen space. The ingredients and dishes are reproduced very nicely. Especially the effect in the cooking process. Every time you do any cooking activity. The impact on the cooking ingredients is very realistically reproduced. For example, when chopping onions, the impact of the knife on the onion is shown to be extremely realistic. Or when you use two hands to shape the meat into pieces. In the process, the lump of meat will slowly turn into a piece of meat. Combines vibrant sound quality, giving you excitement throughout the game. Exciting background music, mixed with the activities of each cooking stage.

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