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When participating in Cop Duty Police Car Simulator, you will transform into a police officer protecting the security of the city. In accordance with the allotted time, you will drive your police car to patrol every corner. Solve problems that cause social disorders to protect people. Recently, there have been dangerous criminals in the city. They infiltrate into crowded places with the purpose of causing trouble. Your task is to destroy those dangerous people so that the people no longer feel fear. They also hide a lot of self-defense weapons. So equip yourself with weapons to fight when you have to confront them. When encountering bandits, they will most likely run away. So, don’t forget to hone your driving skills. In case you go on patrol and receive a notification from the police switchboard. Hurry to the scene to hunt down and arrest criminals,

Download Cop Duty Mod – Become a brave policeman

Coming to the city in Cop Duty Police Car Simulator Mod you have more privileges than ordinary people. Players can drive into any corner, including forbidden roads in case they are chasing criminals. Your presence will make the city more peaceful. So try your best to kill the criminals, complete all the missions. If you do well you can be promoted and get more badges. However, this job has a lot of risks, you will be in danger if you have to face an organized crime gang. In addition to patrolling and duty, practice more proficient shooting skills. Because in the process of rescuing people from kidnappers, if you shoot the wrong hostage, the mission is not completed. The system also allows players to choose a variety of weapons they want to fight the enemy.

Cop Duty mod

Diverse vehicle system

Each different mission will have an appropriate vehicle for you to do the task. Publisher Pickle creates a series of vehicle systems such as Specialized police cars, pickup trucks to escort criminals, etc. The better the player completes the tasks, the higher the level, the better the opportunity. own more modern motor cars. In addition, there are parts of the car that need to be repaired to be able to run at higher speeds. So, try to earn a lot of coins, upgrade your car to the most optimal level. Practice driving to catch criminals, protect the security of the city.

Game Cop Duty mod hack

Various weapons

Coming to the arsenal of Cop Duty Police Car Simulator Mod will probably make you overwhelmed by their diversity. There are many familiar genres such as Rifles, AK47s, pistols, grenades, etc…. There are also accompanying accessories such as a Bulletproof vest, gas mask, etc. Before starting the mission, please fully equip yourself. Because criminals are so sophisticated, they are scattered all over the city. Do everything to escape, not from tricks including against the police. Choose the weapon that suits you and start the patrol.

Game Cop Duty mod

Online game mode

Players can practice shooting by inviting friends to play in online mode. This requires high accuracy or you will be eliminated from the game screen quickly. In this game mode, you will fight with your teammates in a city for gamers to practice. There they will be rivals. Whoever is the last survivor will receive a small reward to add to their item collection.

The main quest in the game

In Cop Duty Police Car Simulator Mod you try to be a cop with the role of a spy. Experience extremely dangerous jobs and activities. Every day, we must search for the lair of criminals and promptly prevent their illegal acts. Save the hostages from criminals, and escort those dangerous people to the station. However, pay attention to the health indicator displayed on the screen. Go to the hospital after fighting crime to restore your health. In addition, you also need to take your car to the garage for maintenance. That gives you enough strength to complete the task until the end of the day.

Cop Duty mod apk

Fight with criminal gangs to protect the people as well as the security of the city. Bring the city back to peace and absolute safety for the people. Use your modern car and weapons to patrol, prevent any violations of the law, and disrupt public order. Download Cop Duty Police Car Simulator Mod to become a brave policeman to protect everyone.

Download Cop Duty Police Car Simulator Mod APK 1.82 (Unlimited Money)

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