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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Challenge the limits of the vehicle through the game Crash Test Simulator Mod. This is a game that simulates the process of testing a vehicle’s maximum capabilities. With a lot of different tests, with challenges full of fun. Take your car to the limit and see how much it can withstand. Along with that, you will be able to explore a lot of different environments. Monitor how environmental conditions affect your vehicle. A series of car tests for you to test. Also, admire the car destruction scenes through the sandbox simulator. With impressive graphics and sounds created by vehicle inspection activities. Promises to bring you the most engaging experience ever. Enjoy exciting entertainment in a simulated world designed in the sandbox style.

Download Crash Test Simulator Mod – Car Crash Test Simulator

The context of Crash Test Simulator Mod is opened in a large world. With graphics designed in an interesting sandbox style. The environment and scenes in the game are portrayed very impressively. Especially the breaking effect when your car is subjected to a strong impact or exceeds the limit. For example, when the car rushes through obstacles or crashes directly into the object in front. After impact on them, the car will break and deform. Or endurance tests in extreme environmental conditions. Walk on lava, across the sands of the desert. Up to a certain limit, smoke will appear from the engine. At the same time, the ability of the vehicle is also reduced. Combined with the realistic sound shown through the vehicle’s activities. From the sound of the engine when the car moves to the destruction that causes strong shocks.Download Crash Test Simulator Mod

4 cars

Up to the present time, Crash Test Simulator Mod has a total of 4 cards for you to explore. This includes sports cars, drift cars, trucks, and regular old cars. Each car is designed with an impressive design, with its own color and exterior. At the same time, the endurance and performance of each vehicle are different. In each test, you can see a noticeable change in each car. From there, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle in actual environmental conditions. As well as knowing the limited capacity of which vehicle is superior. However, it is impossible to judge with certainty about a certain factor, affirming this car is the best. Because it depends on each test, as well as environmental conditions. Each car will have a certain advantage in a corresponding test.Tai Crash Test Simulator Mod

Simple control system

The control system of Crash Test Simulator Mod is quite simple. Designed similar to other regular racing games. With an optimized control interface, making it easy for players to use. Even if you are a new player, you will quickly get used to it after a short time. The left side of the screen shows two left and right arrow keys, which are used to navigate the car. The right side of the screen displays icons such as brake pedal, accelerator, and handbrake. If you want to control the car, just touch and hold it accordingly. Simultaneously, flexibly combine the control keys together to drive the car to move anywhere you want.Crash Test Simulator Mod

10 different tests

As said earlier, Crash Test Simulator Mod is a car test simulator game. Therefore, there are many different tests for you to explore. Currently, the publisher Poison Studio offers 10 vehicle tests. Includes Mega ramp, vehicle breakdown, children’s play area, red journey, car parkour on lava. And parkour in the sky, drifting night, drifting day, old city, abandoned factory. Each test is designed with its own gameplay. As with obstacles, the objects that appear in the test are not the same. In particular, you will be able to control the car in harsh environmental conditions. Test how far the car’s ability can withstand.Game Crash Test Simulator Mod

Examples of some tests in Crash Test Simulator Mod. The crash test of the car will take you to dangerous slopes. Along with the appearance of obstacles throughout the process of driving the car. Giant hammers, hydraulic presses, and car wreckers are things you need to avoid. If you collide with them, your car will be crushed. Or come up with the parkour quiz on lava. With harsh environmental conditions with high temperatures on the crater. The flow of lava is a huge factor affecting your vehicle. Under the melting temperature of the environment, you will have to control the car to compete with other racing cars.

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