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Update October 26, 2021 (2 years ago)

CrashMetal simulates the classic car races of gamers around the world. Gameplay was born as a response, satisfying the passion for the speed of many people. With simple and entertaining gameplay, it will definitely bring a great relaxing moment to the experience. Here you have the opportunity to become a professional racer, conquering all the fierce race tracks. First, you need to practice hard, improve your car control skills through easy levels. After that, they will accumulate a lot of experience and confidently participate in large-scale races. On the way, players will face extremely bloody opponents and countless dangerous obstacles that constantly appear. This can be considered a big challenge for anyone who wants to win. You need to control the steed skillfully dodging obstacles, taking advantage of every opportunity to overcome all of them. Try your best to finish as soon as possible, win the prestigious championship cup. Gameplay owns high-quality 3D graphics, sharp images, vivid sound. Everything is shown as a race, in reality, to help players have the most realistic feeling.

Download CrashMetal Mod – Become the king of speed, master all races

Once entered the race, players will not have moments of hands-free. Because just a minute of neglect is enough to make the opponent knock your steed away. Moreover, tangled obstacles appear on the road or sharp bends. If you do not want the car to be damaged, dodge them skillfully. Always stay focused and promptly handle unexpected situations. CrashMetal Mod owns easy-to-understand gameplay, so you can get used to it and understand everything right from the first race. You will use the left and right direction buttons to move the car to avoid obstacles. Besides, there are brake buttons, gas buttons to help reduce or increase the speed so that it is reasonable. Let’s create beautiful folding and drifting phases to conquer all audiences and earn achievement points. Collect precious items that appear on the way. They are powerful tools to support players confidently moving forward. For example: Increase speed, destroy all obstacles, knockdown opponents, etc. So, accumulate a lot to help you reach the finish line as quickly as possible. The attractive rewards will be yours.

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Unlock supercar

CrashMetal Mod gives players a series of unique car models. Special design with color, shape is not based on reality. Helping you have an interesting, new experience. They are equipped with the best engines, so the riders are free to hit the road at breakneck speed. However, the more powerful and advanced the cars are, the more players will not be able to own them for free. You need to spend a certain amount of money. Work hard to complete as many races as possible. Earn huge bonuses, can unlock the supercars that you desire.

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Dramatic races

CrashMetal Mod owns a variety of game modes, keeping your experience fresh. The thing that excites gamers the most is the online racing screen on a worldwide scale. Right from behind the starting line, you can feel the exciting and majestic atmosphere. Whistles, noisy spectators, enthusiastic cheers. Entering this race, everyone aspires to become the champion. Constantly causing friction, destroying each other, extremely tense. Players need to try to rise to the top, gain the upper hand. Can block the way of opponents to prevent them from getting ahead. At the same time avoid obstacles safely. Take advantage of every opportunity to speed up the horse, quickly reach the finish line as soon as possible. Possess valuable rewards, especially the prestigious cup.

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Various maps

CrashMetal Mod takes you all over the world. Because each game screen is a location, with different racetrack terrain. For example The city, the desert, in the forest, the cliffs, etc. All bring a sense of thrill equally interesting. Racing while enjoying, watching the beautiful scenery helps balance the mood. Players will not feel bored when experiencing for a long time. As the titles of the same genre, there is only one track that repeats over and over again. Conquer all levels to discover all the beautiful places in the world.

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As a racing game, CrashMetal Mod is designed with 3D graphics. The goal is to help players have the most realistic and perfect experience. Sharp, vivid images down to every little detail. Explosive light effects, smoke, electric lights shimmering at night. Unique supercar shape, colorful colors always stand out on each game screen. Many beautiful race tracks, the more stimulating your curiosity. The sound is diverse, rich by the sound of the engine, the whistle, the audience, etc. The vibrant background music contributes to the faster race pace.

If you are a fan of racing games, don’t miss CrashMetal. Gameplay gives players a new feeling with attractive gameplay, many interesting features. Especially the unique vehicle system, powerful engine, and parameters. Helping you have the most wonderful, perfect experience moments. Download CrashMetal Mod and become a famous racer, showing off your driving skills.

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