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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Crime Revolt Online is inspired by the horror wars in the world. Here you will transform into a brave and brave soldier. Carry out dangerous tasks related to the peace and survival of the country. Enemy forces and great powers are racing in an arms race. Aim to invade, annex your country. As a soldier, players need to stand up and fight to preserve the territory and sovereignty of the country. The system will be equipped with specialized military weapons and sturdy armor. Gives you more confidence and peace of mind when performing tasks. Entering fierce battlefields means facing death. Players need to be alert to avoid enemy damage. Quickly find safe shelter, easy to observe. Using the gun in your hand, destroy all enemies in your sights. To quickly gain the upper hand in battle. Practice regularly to improve your aiming skills. Form sharp reflexes, intelligently handle unexpected situations. Gameplay brings a very meaningful global theme. Recreate the senseless wars that cause loss and injury to humanity. It will certainly be more interesting and attractive to gamers around the world.

Download Crime Revolt Online Mod – Join brutal wars to protect the country’s sovereignty

Crime Revolt Online Mod owns a simple and easy-to-understand control mechanism. So it won’t take you too long to get used to it. From the very first battle was able to grasp the gameplay and features. Move your character everywhere on the map and don’t let the enemy detect it. Always stay focused, observe your surroundings, and then act. When detecting the enemy’s position, aim the gun accurately and press the fire button. Bullets will continuously spray out, in an instant only their corpses will be seen. Note: Do not mistakenly shoot at your teammates, because it affects the achievement. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible to quickly complete the level. And get a decent amount of bonuses, which can be spent on many other things. The road ahead is very long, dangerous missions are waiting for you to conquer. It requires careful preparation in all aspects, ready to fight all enemies. With all your abilities and bravery, try your best to survive to the end.

Crime Revolt Online mod

Equipment system

Players will be equipped with the best weapons and body protection equipment. Gameplay owns modern guns, specialized for combat. For example Rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, AK guns, etc. Even the legendary cannon, you will experience them all. Practice with them regularly to harness the strengths of each. Can be changed to suit each battle situation. In addition, players can also use grenades or mines to help destroy all enemies easily and quickly. The system will provide items to protect the character’s body most effectively. For example Armor, hat, shoes, shield, blood bag, etc.

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Upgrade and customize

One of the important things to help players smoothly pass all missions is to upgrade. The difficulty and danger of the challenges will increase over time. So, after each level, you will be able to increase your strength, improve the skills and damage stats of the weapon. To be able to conquer more difficult missions. In particular, the system also provides you with a series of attractive skins. Allow constant change according to your taste and style. Helps to feel more confident and comfortable when participating on the battlefield.

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Various battle locations

Crime Revolt Online Mod will not let players get bored when experiencing for a long time. By fighting and at the same time seeing countless beautiful scenes. Each level is a place for you to enjoy the scenery around the world. Helps dispel fears, stress while performing tasks. Try to complete all the challenges to explore all the locations in the gameplay. Seeing the colorful scenery and absorbing many interesting and interesting things.

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Impressive graphics

In order for players to have the best experience, the publisher has specially built the gameplay with 3D graphics. All images are shown extremely sharp, smooth character movements. Effects appear in each movement to impress the player. Bright colors contribute to making the scene more vivid. Various sounds of different guns. You can feel all the battle sounds like in real life. Because the sound quality is built extremely meticulously, with enthusiasm. The vibrant background music will keep you hooked on the fast pace of the game.

Take every opportunity to destroy all enemies, bring glory to the country. And become the strongest in Crime Revolt Online. Gameplay helps you train your reflexes to be more sensitive and improve your accurate gun aiming skills. Conquer all levels to receive valuable rewards. And also have the opportunity to explore all the beautiful locations in the game. Download Crime Revolt Online Mod to fight for the responsibility on your shoulders, protect national sovereignty.

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