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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Lots of gems to spend

Crowd Blast! Mod released by SayGames. Bring the style of bombardment, bringing players to a world of fun. Here you will enter the game screen to destroy the target. By shooting dishes at buildings, destroy them all and defeat the target. The game is designed quite simply, your task only revolves around the loops. It’s shooting, breaking, and watching things fall apart. However, the game won the love of many audiences. Because it brings interesting moments and keeps them entertained.

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Come to Crowd Blast! Mod players will be free to bombard. Here the system will give you the fighting tool, which is hamburger and chicken. Along with that is a spring, which is used to make leverage to bombard buildings. Your task is to touch and hold the screen, then move to the appropriate position. Finally, just release your hand, the spring will fire the bullet at the right position that you specify. Your target is people in buildings or similar locations. However, to shoot down each person will consume a lot of bullets. Along with that, each game screen will be limited in the number of bullets so you have to use it optimally. So you can apply physics to the game. By finding the weak point of the buildings bombard it. Causes the inner target to collapse, helping you to quickly complete the mission.Game Crowd Blast! Mod

Game difficulty

The difficulty of the game will increase gradually each time you step to the next level. This means that the goal will be more difficult to define. Along with that are the differently designed buildings, which take a long time to destroy. The first mission you have to do is Crowd Blast! That mod is to pass 10 levels. This stage is quite simple, you will quickly get used to the tempo of the game. However, to complete the mission, you will have to fight a boss. This is a robot with a large body, but your real target is the person who is controlling the inside. They usually appear at the end of the game, with good defense. And especially they will not stand still for you to attack. Which will move and use hands to dodge incoming bullets. Requires players to have an accurate aiming skill. And watch briskly,Ear Crowd Blast! Mod

Various locations

Special Crowd Blast! The mod has a lot of interesting levels. Each level is a different location and does not duplicate previous scenes. That helps players get more excited and not bored after a period of experience. In parallel with that, players will have to change their attack continuously to match the game screen. Because your target will stand in many different positions and even be protected by surrounding structures. In addition, you can take advantage of some levels to quickly pass. Observe carefully before starting a new level, because sometimes bombs will appear on it. Now aim accurately to destroy all buildings with just one shot.Crowd Blast! Mod APK

Get purple diamond

In Crowd Blast! Mod currency is converted to purple diamonds. Players can earn by completing missions. At that time, the system will be based on the achievements you have achieved in the match, to give the corresponding bonus. The higher the score achieved, the greater the amount received. So try to complete the best through each level to achieve the highest score. Using the money earned, players can buy more rockets or bombs. This will be a very useful tool in times of trouble. Because when using them, the player can create a huge explosion that makes everything completely destroyed.Ear Crowd Blast! Mod APK

Although the gameplay of Crowd Blast! Mod simply shoot and destroy. But the game is graphically designed by the developer on a sharp 3D platform. You can see the unique picture quality, along with a variety of bright colors. Combine with a lot of different levels and they will not be duplicated. Especially the game will be much more attractive when you are fighting with the bosses at the end of the game screen. Along with character creation with a fun style and funny actions. Also, the sound quality is a very appreciated point. Because of the fun and lively background music, which is flexibly changed through each playing scene. Promises to bring you unforgettable moments of relaxation and entertainment.

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