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Update October 26, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Is an extremely interesting entertainment game of the publisher VOODOO. A company specializing in producing addictive game products for users. With simple gameplay but very attractive to players. Crowd City Mod has been downloaded millions of times on mobile game stores. You can easily play the game anywhere, anytime. Because of the flexibility, the quick entertainment of the game will make it easy for you to use. You can play on the bus, after recess or whenever it takes only 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t take too much time to experience but still brings clear results. The game will help you regain energy to continue working every day.

Download Crowd City Mod – City Race

The game was released by the publisher VOODOO in 2018. It has been downloaded and played by many people around the world. You can download the game easily on both Android and iOS phones. Everything is free, you will not have to spend any money to be able to experience it. Crowd City Mod is easily accessible to most players around the world. Because the traffic is not too large, it will be suitable for almost all phones. This fun game also doesn’t need an age limit to experience. Any player of any age can participate.

Tai Crowd City Mod

The chase of the gangs

Crowd City Mod with simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. You can immediately understand how to use it when you first start the game. The background of the game simulates the scene of a new city in monochrome colors. Along with the gangs with different colors to attack other gangs. You will also become one of them and do the same task. When starting out, every army has the same number of people. Scattered throughout the city will be people who do not belong to any gang and you will need to collect them. To become the strongest, have the most troops on the map. The fastest way is to attack the other gangs and make them your own. The team with less number of people on collision will be merged into the team of the larger team. So the chase never stops.

Download Crowd City Mod

Interesting features

You need to prepare your army to increase in number as quickly as possible. By first working hard to collect people from all over the streets. If you encounter teams with a larger number than your own. Getaway quickly if you don’t want to lose all the numbers in the team. As well as seize the opportunity to corner weaker troops and eat them all. In Crowd City Mod, the color of each team has a different color. You can also choose from extremely special effects for your army in the game store. There can be snakes, players or many colors in the store for you to choose from. But there also needs to be a certain standard to be able to own those costumes. Follow the instructions of the game to get all the costumes.

Game Crowd City Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Crowd City Mod uses a simple set of graphics but is very suitable for the gameplay of the game. Everything in this game is brought in simple colors that do not mix too much. The buildings in the city are also made in a very simple way, with a blue and white color scheme. To highlight the players in this city. In addition to the costumes in the store that you can change out. Then every gang in the city is designed under a single color. With the shape of the characters designed in the style of a stick man, there is nothing too special. 3D graphics make it possible to observe all angles in the city. The game’s sound system is fun with lovely music. Will help you enjoy the game in a more fun way. Mixed with graphics, the image of the game will create a perfect combination.

Crowd City Mod

You will own a very interesting feature when you download the Crowd City game Mod version. When you need to complete the needs that the game maker offers to be able to own the in-game skin. Then you will get all the costumes in this Mod version without spending much time. The game has been inserted a lot of ads to increase income for developers. Makes you very uncomfortable when interrupted during playtime. This Mod version has also completely prevented advertising in this game. Helping you have the most perfect experience.

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