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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

The scene in the mythical world is always an endless source of inspiration for game makers. Including Crusaders of Light released by NetEase Games. Simulate fierce battles between humans and monsters. Here you will transform into a mighty hero, possessing magical powers. Bringing in the mission to protect the peaceful life of mankind. The forces of darkness are gradually rising underground, followed by terrifying giant monsters. They aggressively and madly attacked good citizens, sucking their blood to increase their power. If this terrible state of affairs continues, perhaps humanity will perish completely. As a man and also possessing the power of the gods, you will have to stand up and fight for justice. Accept to engage in brutal life and death battles. Equip yourself with modern, modern weapons and body protection items. Quickly set out to go straight to the enemy’s lair and beat them to pieces. The more monsters you destroy, the more you will have the opportunity to own attractive rewards and get more top-notch fighting skills. Gameplay built on quality graphics along with a lively sound system. Help players are immersed in the fantasy mythical world.

Download Crusaders of Light Mod – Fight to complete the noble mission

When you start participating in Crusaders of Light Mod you will have to choose your character. Each warrior has its own strengths, which are updated in detail every week by the system. Make it easy for players to make choices that match their skills. To perform tasks easily and with maximum efficiency. Gameplay has a simple control mechanism, so it does not take too much time to get used to. You will control the character by touching the virtual keys on the screen. Need Joystick to help move flexibly, skill buttons will launch powerful moves to attack enemies. Monsters appear everywhere and attack the player at any time. Therefore, you must always be ready in a fighting stance, highly focused, and observe your surroundings. Can predict the dangers ahead to promptly avoid. The enemy is extremely strong, sinister, dealing with them requires a methodical strategy, smart. And know how to take advantage of weaknesses, launch a fatal blow, and finish quickly. Along the way, there are many traps waiting to take the hero’s life. Control the character to dodge skillfully. Because just touching them, you will have to stop the game immediately. Complete a lot of missions to be continuously upgraded. Have enough power to overthrow the forces of darkness, punish the evil lord. Collect valuable items, because this is what helps the hero fight better. punish the evil lord. Collect valuable items, because this is what helps the hero fight better. punish the evil lord. Collect valuable items, because this is what helps the hero fight better.

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Various equipment

It is not possible to rely solely on the hero’s magic power to defeat those giant monsters. Players need to prepare themselves with modern weapons, high destructive power. Kill enemies quickly without spending too much energy. For example Swords, bows, knives, guns, etc. Most of them are designed to resemble reality. Help players feel like real combat. After each level, the weapon’s damage index will be increased for players to fight better. In addition, the system also provides items such as Armor, equipment bags, shoes, hats, first aid boxes, etc. They will help the hero avoid enemy damage, improve survivability.

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Fight with friends

The task that the system assigns will become increasingly difficult and dangerous. Therefore, players can find themselves talented warriors to accompany. They possess special powers, supporting players to carry out challenges easily. Monsters appear denser and denser and also more dangerous. But with teammates always following, supporting, destroying all of them will not be too difficult anymore. In particular, the lord possessed tremendous power. With just a few simple moves, it is enough to make players lose their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to join forces, unite with the warriors to take advantage of the opportunity to rush. Attacking from all sides made him unable to react, accepting death is inevitable. After completing the task, the whole team will receive extremely valuable rewards and write their names on the gold table.

Crusaders of Light mod apk

Quality graphics

As a role-playing fighting game, Crusaders of Light Mod is particularly noted by the publisher for the graphics part. Bringing players the best experience. Designed with a 3D configuration, every scene is extremely sharp. Vivid images, meticulous and careful construction. Harmonious colors create a beautiful, majestic scene. The character’s movements are always accompanied by effects to make a strong impression. Warriors put on a series of eye-catching, attractive skins that stand out in every moment. Various sounds of monsters, people, etc… Dramatic, vibrant background music matches the fast-paced battle.

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You love to explore new things, want to challenge yourself with dangerous missions. Crusaders of Light will fulfill this desire. Players have the opportunity to possess magical magical powers, destroy hordes of evil monsters. Show your skills and combat experience through dangerous challenges. Invite friends and colleagues to join. To overcome difficult levels together and enjoy the great feeling of glory. Download Crusaders of Light Mod adventure in the mythical world, conquer all quests, become a great hero.

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