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Update October 17, 2021 (2 years ago)

CSR Classics Mod is provided by the game maker NaturalMotionGames Ltd. A publisher specializing in providing CSR racing games. Transform into a racer to participate in speed races in the city. Your mission is to compete with professional racers in a 1vs1 race. When speed is the main factor determining the outcome of the race. To be able to experience the game smoothly and stably. The publisher recommends that players need to have 1GB of free storage memory. At the same time, the device needs to use the required operating system. Besides, this is a free game. You can fully experience the game in offline mode. Or you can connect to the internet to play the game in online mode. However, in-game items may have to be purchased with real money.

Download CSR Classics Mod – Competitive Races Of Classic Cars

Graphics and sound of CSR Classics Mod are 2 factors that make an impression in the eyes of players. Sharp 3D image quality, along with a real race track environment. Set on the streets of the city. A lavish and splendid scene at night, when the lights of the shops and streets are illuminated. Combined with stunning effects during the race. You can feel the dizzying speed, making every movement around the car reproduced very realistically. People standing by the roadside, shops, trees. Everything could not be seen clearly, because the car sped forward at breakneck speed. At the same time, the sound of the engine sound is changed every time you change gears. Gives you a feeling of excitement, like you are driving a real car.CSR Classics Mod

Player’s Mission

Join the game CSR Classics Mod to discover your own talents. Your task is to build and restore the cars that appeared more than 60 years ago. Classic cars, with high-performance engines, were invented from the very beginning. There will not be any modern cars here. All racing cars were produced in the 90s of the last century. Although the appearance of the cars has aged over the years. But their engines and performance are still very good. Become a professional car repairman. You will restore old cars. Replace a new coat, spray on a fresh coat of paint. Also customize parts like engines, tires, and other accessories. Create a new car. Then test them out by participating in speed races.Ear CSR Classics Mod

Style play

The gameplay of CSR Classics Mod is not like normal racing games. In the race, there is only one straight line at a certain distance. There are no obstacles for you to dodge. There are no dramatic crashes or devastating crashes. There are also no bends and turns for you to perform drift skills to pass. Here, you control the car to compete with opponents in a race that takes place 1vs1. Two cars will compete by rushing forward with the fastest speed possible. The car that reaches the finish line first wins. From there will get a lot of bonuses. Keep coming to new races, compete with new opponents. Challenge yourself in races against opponents with long experience in racing. You will learn a lot of interesting things, not only racing.Game CSR Classics Mod

More than 50 classic racing cars

More than 50 classic racing models, provided by CSR Classics Mod. Including Shelby Mustang GT500, Plymouth Superbird, Ford GT40, etc. And many other classic models such as Pontiac, BMW, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, etc. All cars are manufactured by famous car brands. leading today. With a pitiful design, equipped with a powerful engine. Can generate huge power, helping the car accelerate quickly on the track. Choose your favorite racing car model to participate in exciting races. You will feel more excited when you control the racing car you want. Not only that, improve and upgrade to increase the performance of racing cars. Will help you increase your chances of winning speed races.Download CSR Classics Mod

Competitions between racing cars from many famous brands will be implemented by CSR Classics Mod. These can be considered as clashes of giants in the world of speed. With races happening like the Dodge Superbee vs. Chevrolet Camaro. Or Ford Mustang vs Skyline GT-R and Cobra vs Mercedes 300SL. And there are many other dramatic competitions for you to discover. Besides, you can join the gangs in the city. From there, you will be able to challenge yourself with other professional racers.

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