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Update October 17, 2021 (2 years ago)

Challenge yourself in the game CSR Racing Mod to become the king of the street. By conquering dangerous roads, overcome difficult challenges. Roleplay as a professional racing driver, owning supercars that can reach high speed. Your mission is to compete with other opponents, which are racing cars. Driven by online players around the world. Or operated by intelligent AI, no less than a real racer. The game belongs to the category of racing games, produced by NaturalMotionGames Ltd. With fast racing gameplay, taking place in real-time. Along with a lot of impressive features for you to explore. This will be a racing game that you cannot ignore. Because it will give you the feeling of becoming a real racer.

Download CSR Racing Mod – Participate in Speed ​​Races

The first impression when coming to the CSR Racing Mod game is the diverse vehicle system. A huge collection of cars with expensive supercars, Produced by the world’s leading car manufacturers. There are some supercars appearing in the game such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Hennessey, and Koenigsegg. With more than 100 supercars, you can freely explore. Each supercar has an impressive and realistic design. Especially the performance is shown through the specifications. Including engine power, transmission, weight, acceleration. To better understand the capabilities of each vehicle, you can view the details in the garage. What’s more, after upgrading the racing car you are using. The performance will be increased, being able to compete in challenging races.Game CSR Racing Mod

The course of the race

Test your racing abilities by participating in the fast track of CSR Racing Mod. Here there are no dangerous turns, no obstacles. Even environmental conditions did not affect the race. You compete with another race car on a straight road. Speed ​​is the main factor that determines the outcome of the race. After the horn starts, your task is to change gears to make the car go faster. Although quite simple, it is very important. Because the process of shifting gears of a racing car determines the speed the car achieves. Observe the revs, up to a certain level felt by you. Quickly shift gears to get the car to a higher speed. Can advance to the finish line with the lead, win over the opponent. Complete the best race to assert the bravery of a professional racer.Download CSR Racing Mod

Lots of locations, complete with bosses

CSR Racing Mod provides a rich map system. With so many locations appearing on the map, you can see before entering the race. Each location is ruled by speed tycoons. If you want to conquer every road in the city, you need to overcome the tycoons on the track. Compete directly with them in a 1vs1 race. Show off the skills of a talented racer by achieving outstanding speed. Reach the finish line with the lead, making it impossible for the opponent to win. From there, you will receive a reward for the achievement achieved. Continue to the next race, compete with the tycoon in a new location, on a new path. Continue to overcome them to come to the next challenge. Gradually, you will conquer the streets of the city.CSR Racing Mod

Control system

The vehicle control system of CSR Racing Mod is quite simple. There are not too many operations for you to control, as well as perform racing skills on the track. As soon as the race starts, the racing car accelerates automatically. Your only task is to use the manual gearshift lever to change gears for the car. On a virtual steering wheel, the manual gearshift lever is located on the right. The center shows the car’s rpm, making it easy to observe. The secondary display to the left of the steering wheel shows the current speed of the vehicle. From there, you can quickly change gears to achieve faster speeds. By shifting gears smoothly, combining the performance of racing cars. You can win convincingly against your opponent.Ear CSR Racing Mod

The sound of CSR Racing Mod is reproduced extremely realistically. The sound of the engine when the car is accelerating, the beeping of the horn when the car is about to start. Or the sound of shifting gears during racing. Especially the sound is changed flexibly every time you change gears. Interspersed with vibrant background music during the race. Gives you excitement. Besides, the image quality of the game is designed on a sharp 3D platform. Along with the shaping of extremely impressive cars. Promises to bring faster, more exciting races than ever.

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