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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod is the 5th version in the Cube Escape series of games. The game is powered by Rusty Lake. A publisher specializing in the production of adventure games. Here, you play the role of detective Dale Vandermeer. With a mission to discover and investigate the unnatural death of a woman in the house. Search and collect evidence at the scene. At the same time find out the mysterious, suspicious locations in the house. Analyze in detail and string together to come to a final conclusion. This is a challenging exploration. Require your detective experience to find out the anomalies in the house. With the goal of unraveling the mysterious death of an unknown woman.

Download Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod – Investigate the Mysterious Death of a Woman

The mission system of Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod has a total of 4 chapters. The first chapter takes place in the fall of 1971 and deals with the murder scene. The second chapter in the summer of 1972 begins the investigation. The third chapter is the chapel that takes place in the summer of 1972. The last chapter is about the Cabin content that takes place in the summer of 1972. Before entering a chapter, the system will introduce that chapter through a story passage. . Expressed in words, describing the content of that chapter. From there, you can easily summarize the content of the new chapter. Help the investigation move in a positive direction. Completing all 4 chapters will help you find out the cause and conclude where the woman’s death is.Cube Escape Case 23 Mod

A variety of items to find in each chapter

Each chapter of Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod has a lot of different missions for you to investigate. Look for mysterious artifacts in various locations in the house. Collect enough evidence to link together. From there make a final conclusion for the task you are performing. Continue to move to the next chapter, the task will become more and more difficult. Artifacts are located in places that are difficult to find. Requires your investigative skills, thinking, and observing everything at the house. Sharp in observing the details in each room of the house. The logic of each action taking place. Combine puzzle skills to carry out investigative quests. Gradually, you will collect enough hidden objects. Complete each mission in turn, you will have a final conclusion about the mysterious death of the woman.Game Cube Escape Case 23 Mod

Beginning of the first chapter

Start the first chapter of Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod. A scary scene in a mysterious room. A woman being killed lying face down is not the same as committing suicide. The special thing here is the puddle of blood flowing from the victim’s head, very suspicious. Here, you need to collect enough hidden evidence. Mark the back of the victim’s shirt to collect evidence. Examine the woman’s mouth. Search behind the curtains at the window. Tear up the picture on the wall, flip the cushions on the chair to collect evidence. Search on the cactus placed on the stand. Solve the flippers placed in the cupboard to find the key. Open closed drawers to collect new evidence. Check out the aquarium tank, and there are many more activities waiting for you to discover. Collect all the evidence, you will open the password of the safe.Download Cube Escape Case 23 Mod

Realistic graphics and sounds

The graphics of Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod are designed quite realistically. In a virtual space, the details are reproduced extremely realistically. From the objects appearing in the house, to the death of the woman. Everything is impressively depicted, giving you a realistic detective experience. Combined with the control system is quite simple. Designed in idle style. Every action when you want to perform just one touch. The game uses a third-person perspective, making it easy to observe everything around. Along with realistic sounds expressed through actions when you perform a certain job.Ear Cube Escape Case 23 Mod

Coming to Cube Escape: Case 23 Mod, players will experience the feeling of a real detective. Investigate the mysterious death of a woman in a house. The evidence related to the victim’s death is hidden in the objects of each room. Requires player’s puzzle skills to figure it out. Collect enough evidence to complete the mission. After completing all 4 chapters of the game. With a series of missions of each chapter waiting for you to explore. From there, there will be a final conclusion to the woman’s death.

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