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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Cube Surfer! Mod has an interesting racing style. Is an arcade game published by VOODOO? This is a company based in Paris and was established in 2013. This is a publisher specializing in the production of leisure-style games. With the goal of giving players exciting experiences and exciting entertainment moments. Join the game, you will control the character to slide on the runways. Although the gameplay is quite simple, the game attracts a lot of players around the world. Currently, the game has been downloaded more than 50 million times and received more than 15,000 positive feedbacks.

Download Cube Surfer! Mod – Fun Race On Skating

The game has an interesting racing style, but it is not like the usual racing games. As the player, you will control the character to race against time and complete the goal. Instead Cube Surfer! Mod brings you to the fascinating skating track. Here you will have to collect square blocks to continue moving forward. That is, during the movement on the track. You will have to accumulate square blocks, then they will be planted on top of each other. Every time you encounter an obstacle field ahead, you will not be able to dodge. Instead, you can only choose to collide with the fewest obstacles. Then the collected square block will decrease corresponding to the obstacle you hit.Cube Surfer! Mod

Collect cubes

Constantly collecting square blocks is the factor for you to win. During his journey, the blocks will appear along the way. But it is not arranged in a fixed position, but in many different positions. Moreover, they do not appear in large numbers, but only one or two. For example, they are in a rather silly position, in a zigzag pattern. Even in the right corner, then right in the left corner. That requires players to have a flexible skill to quickly approach and collect them. Besides, obstacles appear everywhere. Then it is imperative that you have a careful calculation. Because if all the collected squares are used up, the game is considered over.Tai Cube Surfer! Mod APK

Support tools

Besides Cube Surfer! Mod provides players with a number of support tools, helping you in an exciting adventure. They appear randomly on the road and are only usable for a certain time. For example, the magnet helps the player to attract all the square blocks that appear on the map. At that time you will quickly accumulate a large number of squares. But do not be subjective because there will be many obstacles appearing on the road. They will make you quickly consume those squares, if not carefully calculated. Or Base Cube, which helps you increase the default square block to level 5. It means that at first the character only has a default square to start the game. But when there is a Base Cube, the character will now have at least 5 squares.Tai Cube Surfer! Mod APK

Accumulate gems

During your journey, there will appear a lot of gems on the way. Collect it as much as possible, as they are the element that helps you trade with many items. Cube Surfer! Mod provides players with a variety of skills. At first, the system will default to a simple yellow square block. But then you can use the money earned and move to the store. There are many interesting skills here, including pig, watermelon, hamburger, … and many more images waiting for you to explore. Not stopping there, the game owns a lot of costumes for your character. Then you will have the opportunity to become a Santa Claus, a western cowboy or transform into your favorite character.Ear Cube Surfer! Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Cube Surfer! Players will experience the feature of infinite gems. Using those gems, you can unlock all the unique skills. And wear gorgeous, gorgeous costumes for your character. Also the graphics of the Cube Surfer! Mod is designed on a 3D platform. Sharp image quality, with many bright colors. Create fun, humorous characters to make you feel close and comfortable. The interface of the game is designed with unique and interesting effects. Combined with fun sounds, expressed through the lively background music.

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