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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Developer Latersoft offers players an extremely attractive action game. Join Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod you will become a revenge warrior. With the task of defeating all hunters, bandits, and outlaws. This is a fighting game that takes you into dramatic 1vs1 matches. Although the game is completely free to play Offline. But that does not reduce the attractiveness that the game brings. Because of the dramatic fighting gameplay, along with carefully polished skill effects. The game can satisfy any player when participating.

Download Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod – Defeat Crime To Restore Order To The City

Background of Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod opens in a night city in the year 2077. This place is considered a criminal’s paradise because the law is not enforced. Gangsters wanted criminals, bandits, hunters, or outlaws are all gathered here. The head of this city is the military corporation, based in a tower. You were once arrested by this corporation, a few months ago you were lucky to escape and leave the city. After a while of recuperation, you decide to come back for revenge. At the same time restore order, making this night city a peaceful, crime-free place.Download Cyber ​​War Cyberpunk Reborn Mod

The gameplay goes to the battle scene

Join Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod, the player will become a warrior. With the task of defeating each opponent in turn to win. The game has a scene style, you will find enemies to fight. Your opponents are notorious hunters, dangerous criminals. They all possess strong fighting power, making it very difficult for you to defeat. Moreover, the opponent is equipped with modern weapons and deadly skills. After defeating your opponent, you will continue to move forward to fight stronger ones. The difficulty of the game will also increase gradually each time you defeat an enemy. At the same time during the battle, you will receive experience points to increase your level.Game Cyber ​​War Cyberpunk Reborn Mod

Fight with the boss

In Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod your task is to defeat the boss, he appears at the end of the map. Because of that, many of the enemies you encountered earlier were just sentinels. They are not too strong, but can still deal damage that causes you to lose a certain amount of health. It can even cause you to lose your life if you don’t focus on fighting. Besides, the boss possesses enduring fighting power, a huge amount of blood, and the ability to attack with high damage. Each boss has a large shape, along with a different fighting style. If you want to beat your opponent, you don’t just focus on attacking. But also learn to move quickly, to dodge attacks from enemies.

Equip Weapons

Weapons are one of the important equipment, helping you fight the enemy. Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod has a lot of different weapons, you can freely choose. For example swords, guns, spears, knives, etc., and many more. Each weapon has its own damage index when equipped will help the character increase combat power. Depending on your fighting style, it is possible to equip the character with a favorite weapon. However, weapons cannot be used for free. If you want to own them, you need to use the bonus received after completing the task to buy.Cyber ​​War Cyberpunk Reborn Mod

Equip costumes and accessories

In addition to equipping weapons, Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod allows you to equip other characters with accessories. Including hats, shirts, pants, shoes, gloves, watches, and some other equipment. Each item possesses a different stat, depending on its rarity. The rarer the equipment, the higher the stats, helping to increase the character’s defense and health. At the same time, the character’s appearance will be changed.

Character system

Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod provides players with a diverse character system. When you first join the game, you can choose a character you love. Each character has a different fighting style, depending on the weapon you equip. In particular, you can bring extra weapons into battle. For example, a grenade, carrying it with you can save you in some situations. During the battle, you can use special skills to deal a large amount of damage to the opponent. However, after using, the skill will need a short time to cool down.Cyber ​​War Cyberpunk Reborn Mod

Graphics of Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod are designed in 3D. Sharp, well-groomed image quality. Especially the skill effects are extremely beautiful, creating more stimulation for players. Along with more than 100 diverse maps, let you explore freely. Combined with impressive character creation, flexible movement, smooth skill use. Besides, the sound quality is vivid, shown through each character’s moves.

Download Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn Mod APK 1.0.5 (Free Shopping)

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