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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Darkest AFK Mod is a role-playing game released by Three wishes slot machines game studio. With an interesting fighting style, players will enter a world in a fierce war. Here you will have to confront ferocious monsters and perform many different tasks. Although it has only been released for a short time, the games have attracted a lot of participants. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 100,000 installs. And received a lot of reviews from all over the world, because of the interesting and attractive gameplay. Besides, the unlimited money Mod feature will help you have the most interesting experience.

Download Darkest AFK Mod – Protect the World from Monsters

The setting of Darkest AFK Mod takes place when the world is invaded by monsters. They destroy everything in front of them and seek life to destroy. Besides, the government’s fighting army was completely defeated. Buildings such as houses, hospitals, and schools were destroyed by them. Now the world is in danger, even facing the destruction of humanity. Join the game, you will become a powerful warrior. With the mission to destroy the monsters, to regain freedom for the world.Darkest AFK Mod Icon

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay is designed in an interesting style, bringing players to unforgettable battles. Entering the match, you will control the character and perform manipulations, to use skills. Especially Darkest AFK Mod is designed in an idle style, helping players feel a lot more interesting. No more complicated operations, actions need to be set up separately. Instead, players only need to occasionally tap the screen, to use skills for their character. Then the character will automatically move, find the enemy and automatically use the power to fight.

Facing the boss

Not stopping there, challenges and difficulties are still waiting for you ahead. After defeating the monsters, the player will have to face the boss with very durable stamina and high health. This will be a huge challenge for you, if there is no solution or smart way to fight, you will become their prey. In addition, the difficulty of the Darkest AFK Mod will increase gradually after each level. Therefore, players need to upgrade their characters and develop strong skills. For example, upgrade the attack, defense or unlock new skills, after the character levels up.Darkest AFK Mod

Character system

Darkest AFK Mod provides players with dozens of different characters. Each character has its own unique power and unique skills. Therefore, players need to learn the characters, to choose the right characters for each level. This is very important, helping you to fully exploit the fighting ability of the selected character. You can refer to the information showing the strength of each character, making the match easier. Players can even form a team of 3 heroes, participating in the battle and supporting each other.Download Darkest AFK Mod

Upgrade equipment

In addition to choosing characters with high combat power. Players also have to equip themselves with items, which increase their fighting ability. Each character in Darkest AFK Mod is equipped with up to 4 items, including Main Weapon, Gloves, Costume, and Secondary Weapon. Each item carries the corresponding power, helping the character increase stats. For example, defense, damage, attack speed, attack, and high accuracy make enemies hit or dodge. Besides, after upgrading equipment, your character will be added to the percentage of parameters. For example, upgrading weapons will increase damage by 10% or upgrading armor will increase defense by 8%.Game Darkest AFK Mod

Graphics, sound

Graphics of the Hack Darkest AFK are designed in 2D graphics. However, that does not affect the game, you can still experience it in a realistic and fierce way. The image is depicted on a dark interface, bringing a feeling of fear and gloom. Character shaping is refined in a classic style, the actions are very flexible and smooth. Along with monsters with scary looks, create more stimulation for players. Combined with the quality of the sound shown through the matches, or when the character uses skills will create more excitement for you.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Darkest AFK, players will experience the unlimited money feature. Then you can freely shop for powerful costumes or tools, and maximize your equipment. Or unlock characters with high combat power. Especially the unlimited money feature will bring you an exciting experience and play the game a lot easier. Download the game Darkest AFK Mod to participate in the fierce battle, with the task of destroying the monsters and protecting the world.

Download Darkest AFK Mod APK 1.0.45 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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