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  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Resources


  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Resources

Days of Doom takes you to the apocalyptic fantasy world. You will play the role of an ordinary farmer living here. Suddenly, one day, a dark force appeared. They claim to be lords of the world and want to rule over mankind. As a resident living in this land. You need to do something to stop this enemy plot. The dark forces are very numerous, you alone certainly cannot destroy them. Recruit brave heroes and warriors to accompany you on this journey. Start crafting weapons to destroy those monsters. When using simple, rudimentary weapons such as Hammer, ax, wooden stick, sword, etc. It is still possible to defeat the enemy. But you need to make stronger weapons, sharp swords to destroy them faster, without spending much energy.

Download Days of Doom Mod – Role-playing game with interesting gameplay

Days of Doom Mod has simpler gameplay than any role-playing game on mobile. The battle will take place in turn. You hit and then the monster counterattacks and so on until you find a winner. When it’s their turn to attack, the player just needs to tap on the move they want to use. Automatically the heroes will rush to attack the zombies. The pace of the game is very fast, continuous, continuous. If you don’t pay attention to the game, just neglecting for 1 minute will immediately lose your attack turn. At the same time, it will be counterattacked by the monster, dealing huge damage. Need to focus more to keep up with the rhythm of the game. Upgrade heroes through levels to get more power to destroy all enemies. Build, expand your base stronger. Create many houses, smithy forging weapons, crafting medicine, etc…

Days of Doom mod apk

Character design

Although the context of the game tells us about the heroic characters from the ancient apocalyptic land. But the design of their appearance exudes a very modern style. The way to dress, the clothes are designed according to the real-world trends. Torn jeans, elegant shirt, etc… Along with many other unique and new costumes. You can customize your character’s hairstyle, skin color, and fashion. It is also the style of each person’s clothes. Through the stages, upgrade your warrior so that he has more power to fight more fiercely.

Days of Doom mod apk

Use a move

Each character will have a unique set of skills, no one is the same. Players need to know the skills of each hero. Because this is an extremely important factor that determines the victory in your battle. During the game, the right corner of the screen will display the character’s skill sets. When it’s your turn to attack, choose the appropriate skill to use. The enemy will have a change in attack and defense from time to time. And of course, they also have their own weaknesses. Find that weak point and use the appropriate motion with the greatest power to attack it. Quickly the opponent will take a lot of damage and be defeated.

Days of Doom mod apk

Base expansion

After winning battles, collect valuable rewards. You should invest in building more watchtowers, ambulance houses, weapon factories, etc…… Along with many other things you can build. There are many empty plots to build new buildings easily. However, this process will need coins, rings, wood, and some other materials to work. All of these are very easy to find. You can get it after every winning match or watch the video to get the reward.

Collect tomatoes

Tomatoes are the only fruit that is also an extremely important item for our heroes. After each battle, the character has expended a lot of energy and stamina. It takes good food to help the heroes recover as quickly as possible. The choice of this fruit as the only food to support the warriors was for a reason. Please read the entire plot of the game to know why. Grow tomato plants in your base. Daily can collect dozens of fruits completely free.

Days of Doom mod hack

Days of Doom has a unique graphic background, quite fancy. The visual design has a perfect combination of modern and aristocratic styles. Create a special experience for players to experience, immerse in the new world. The game size is quite heavy, need to make sure your phone has enough space so that the download process is not interrupted. Download Days of Doom Mod with heroes to smash the monster’s domination plot.

Download Days of Doom Mod APK 1.0.219 (Unlimited Money)

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