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2. Attack Multiplier x1 ~ x1000
3. Defense Multiplier x1 ~ x1000
4. Unlimited Skills
6. PvP & PvE

Modded by Yeowang


Credits: Blackmod

Our childhood must have all had the dream of becoming a superhero. In practice, this is completely impossible. But when you come to DC Legends, you will be playing the role of a real superhero. Unlike other role-playing games. This gameplay is more about tactical elements, team building than individual skills. That’s right, in each battle, the system will arrange each player’s turn against each other. 1 battle squad consisting of 5 superheroes. You will customize skills, change to match the match, defeat the opponent. When it’s your turn, choose offensive moves that break the enemy’s defenses. You should make a plan to hit fast to win quickly in each battle. If you see that the enemy is weakened, on the verge of defeat, then launch a critical strike to kill it. Don’t give them a chance to counterattack.

Download DC Legends Mod – Become a superhero to save the world

DC Legends Mod requires players to have flexible character control skills, strategic thinking, and especially battle formation. Each hero will have their own attack and defense stats. Please learn the information of each person to choose the strongest squad. The journey to save the world will go through many different locations. Each checkpoint will be a challenge for you to conquer. After each victory screen, the system will give players new items and equipment. To prepare for the upcoming battle. For difficult levels, upgrade the hero to a higher level. Increases attack power, defense ability to help reduce damage when surrounded by enemies. Robot forces are very strong, they are controlled by an alien monster.

DC Legends mod apk


If you only look at the avatar, you will not know how huge the number of characters in DC Legends Mod is. Thor, Hulk, Batman, The flat, iron man, Spider-Man, Captain, etc… Along with the presence of many other superheroes. Let players choose the squad to participate in this super classic battle. Building a standard squad is a basic, extremely important factor to help create your victory. That is the key for you to level up quickly. Learn about the characteristics of each hero. Arrange the squad so that the characters can support and help each other during the battle. Superheroes are classified by level. Notice the number of stars on the top of each character. It is also a parameter for comparison between players. To increase the number of stars, you must collect the pieces of that character.

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Style play

DC Legends Mod has simple gameplay, basic operations are performed automatically. You don’t need too much control in the game. The battle takes place, the player will choose the appropriate battle formation. Starting the first turn will be randomly drawn. If you have the first turn, then launch the strongest moves and skills. Attack the enemy always because at this time the opponent does not know your formation. Take advantage, overwhelm the enemy from the first moment. Over the course of the game, upgrade your squad in terms of levels, weapons, combat skills, etc. Tactics, fighting styles always have to change so that the enemy does not know how to handle and cope. Finally, when there is a chance to rise to victory, choose the characters with the highest level. Make the formation with the strongest attack to take down all the enemies.

DC Legends game mod


Graphics is a strong point that helps create the success of DC Legends Mod. On tons of 3D graphics, we can see the superheroes are displayed extremely beautifully, just like in the movie. Skills, designs, special superpowers, etc…. A lot of interesting things, attractive in these characters. The combat environment takes place in factories, workshops, and research rooms. The fantasy world in the future seems to be appearing before your eyes. Combined with excellent sound and lighting quality, the gameplay is more perfect.

DC Legends mod apk

The first version has just been released, so you may encounter many system errors that have not been fixed yet. However, the publisher has also continuously fixed problems and bugs so that players can have the best experience. Many gamers appreciate the quality of the game’s graphics. The character building combined with attractive tactical gameplay. The battle will become more dramatic and thrilling when fighting with your friends. Download DC Legends Mod to save the world from danger.

Download DC Legends Mod APK 1.27.8 (Menu, High Damage, Defense)

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