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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Dead Effect 2 Mod opens the battle on the ESS Meridian ship. With the setting in a dark space, the danger is always lurking around. You have no choice but to fight for survival. At the same time must perform the task of destroying monsters on the ship. The battle follows the game’s story mode. In the early stages, you will be taken to locations where monsters appear. They are attacking the people on the ship. Not only attack to destroy them, but you also have to learn how to protect yourself from pursuit. Just a small mistake, will cost you your life. So be careful in all situations. As well as improve your fighting ability to be able to fully explore the story on the ship. Overcome each challenge in turn, destroying terrifying monsters.

Download Dead Effect 2 Mod – Fierce Battle aboard the ESS Meridian

Role-play as a warrior in the game Dead Effect 2 Mod. You can choose from a variety of equipment to use for your character. With dramatic and engaging shooting gameplay. Takes you to fierce battles aboard the ESS Meridian ship. This is an action game by the developer App Holdings. With the perfect combination of first-person perspective and surroundings. Gives you a very realistic feeling, like you are experiencing a real battle. What’s more, lots of outstanding features for you to explore. Various weapon systems. Each character has its own fighting style. Along with a lot of technological equipment to implant the character. Especially the impressive game mode, with each model designed with different gameplay. Bringing you more exciting and exciting battles than ever before.Dead Effect 2 Mod

Explore the story of war

Explore Dead Effect 2 Mod’s story modeYou move in the ship to destroy all the monsters. They appear in many different rooms. After going through each door, you can witness the scene of monsters attacking people on board. Even yourself is no exception. The monsters will move towards you, they will rush to attack when in close range. Using the equipped gun, quickly destroy to complete the mission. Shooting accurately in the head will cause the monster to quickly lose its life. Even just one bullet can knock down a monster. Remember, the monsters on the ship are all undead. So they have a very strong attack ability. If you are attacked, you will lose your life and have to start over.Game Dead Effect 2 Mod

Game mode

The game allows you to experience the game in online and offline modes. Along with that, Dead Effect 2 Mod also gives you a choice of game modes from easy to difficult. In the early stages, when just starting to play. You should play in easy mode to get used to the gameplay. As well as improving combat skills, the ability to shoot accurately. Also, complete quests to upgrade the character to become stronger. After feeling confident in your abilities. You can participate in hard mode to challenge yourself in fierce battles. Go through the doors to fight monsters. Move to the last door of the journey to face the fearsome boss. Defeat them with learned skills. Throw deadly bullets, causing enemies to lose their lives before your gun.Dead Effect 2 Mod

4 characters, more than 40 weapons, 100 equipment

In Dead Effect 2 Mod there are 4 main characters for you to role-play. At first, you will transform into the character Gunnar Davis to fight. After a while, you can role-play as one of the 3 new characters. Includes Kay Rayner, Jane Frey, Xandria. They are all heroes, with their own fighting abilities. Find out the ability of each hero. Accompany them in battles aboard the ESS Meridian. Explore the full story, as well as overcome dangerous challenges. Besides, you can develop the ability to increase the strength of the hero. Choose from more than 40 different weapons to equip, increasing damage to enemies. At the same time, there are more than 100 types of equipment and kits for you to transplant to heroes.Download Dead Effect 2 Mod

The graphics of Dead Effect 2 Mod are extremely impressive. With space taking place inside the ship ESS Meridian. Stunning image quality designed on a sharp 3D background. Stunning effects and environments. Create for you the fiercest and more attractive battles than ever. Combined with quality sound, along with atmospheric music effects. Along with conversations narrated by professional voice actors. Promises to bring you more excitement and excitement.

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