Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK 1.8.8 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo) Download

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  • Version:
  • Ammo is not wasted;
  • Disability bullets spread;
  • After starting the game, click the round button on the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
  • partial immortality (it must be transformed before starting the quest);
  • Endless ammo (disabled in missions with mortars).

Dead Trigger 2 Mod belongs to the action game genre and is published by MADFINGER Games, this is the second game in the publisher’s zombie game series. Bring the style of fighting with zombies without end. The game won the 2012 Unity Awards when using the best Unity technology graphic design. In this version, players will experience new and more attractive upgrades with the depth of the game, such as graphics and sound. Currently, the game is developed based on two platforms IOS and Android, making it easy for players to access and download for free.

Download Dead Trigger 2 Mod – Destroy Zombies And Save The World

The context takes place on a dark day when the world is ravaged by an epidemic, people are turned into undead or zombies. Not stopping there, mummies are always looking for survivors. To spread the disease and turn everything upside down, medical facilities and military bases were destroyed. To prevent the risk of destroying the whole world, governments have come together to form an alliance against zombies called No Hope. Unable to hold out for long, No Hope was destroyed and everything returned to chaos. At that time, only a few people were left holding important positions and forming an alliance with The Hideout to overcome 33 countries and more than 600 levels.Dead Trigger 2 Mod

Large map đồ

Join Dead Trigger 2 your mission is to destroy the Zombies and find a cure with the goal of saving the world. Turn everyone back to normal. The game brings many attractive experiences with all the elements. Like role-playing, action, survival, adventure combined with the first-person perspective will bring a lot of emotions to players. Besides, with the map designed in an expanded style, players can freely move anywhere they like in the map without having to restrict from the system.

Weapon system

Weapons are indispensable in the war, so Hack Dead Trigger 2 provides players with more than 50 types of weapons. Like: machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and many other powerful firearms. Each type of gun will have different characteristics for players to use. However, you need to have a strategy with reasonable use to take full advantage of the weapon. For example, attack Zombies at a distance, use a sniper rifle or kill many zombies at the same time with a machine gun. Besides, please note that to be able to quickly reload the gun, stand next to the supply boxes. Do not use mine to fight them because it is not a light danger.Dead Trigger 2 Mod

Various Zombies

The Zombies are getting stronger and Dead Trigger 2 offers challenges to overcome. Bosses with great damage tolerance can even withstand your 10 grenades. Or some kind of Rampager with a big and tough body that can knock you down at any time. Radioactive Scientist mad scientist will bite you to suck blood and increase his power. Besides, there is a zombie with very good stamina that is Panzer that can feel bad when hit by ordinary guns. Faced with these dangerous Zombies, you only have two options: accept your fate and turn into a zombie or become a hero to save the world.

Graphics and sound design

As mentioned above, Dead Trigger 2 Mod is graphically designed by Unity technology extremely impressive with attractive colors. The developer has been very successful in building extremely great image quality. This helps the graphics to breathe life into the game. The context in the game is delicately depicted along with the smooth and flexible movement, bringing a real feeling to the participants. More specifically, the character design and the Zombies are meticulously elaborated to every detail about the scary looks of the zombies or the strong looks of the heroes. Gives you a realistic look with this game. Combined with the sound quality and the creepy melodies of death, it will make you feel much more excited.Game Dead Trigger 2 Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Dead Trigger 2 Mod, players will experience the attractive unlimited ammo feature. Then you can freely shoot bullets continuously to destroy other zombies and win. The game is entertaining to help you have moments of relaxation when participating. Download Dead Trigger 2 Mod to participate in dramatic battles to destroy Zombies to find a cure and save the world from epidemics and doomsday dangers.

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