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Update October 14, 2021 (2 years ago)

Death Worm Mod is an entertaining game that takes you to exciting smashing levels. Control a giant prehistoric worm, large body, and long size. Especially possessing a scary set of jaws, which can create deadly bites. The habitat of giant worms is below ground. You control it flexibly, wriggling, moving to create momentum to bounce off the ground. Grabs any prey insight, making them delicious or destroyed. The game not only helps you have attractive entertainment screens. But also the hunt for monsters of humans and aliens. You are the prey for them to attack with the aim of destroying to eliminate a dangerous creature. Therefore, this is the battle for survival. Your crazy attack will make everything destroyed.

Download Death Worm Mod – Control the Giant Prehistoric Worm Creature

Join Death Worm Mod your mission is to control the giant worm. Attack enemies and destroy everything with deadly swings. Your enemies are not only humans but also aliens. They have teamed up with each other, with the aim of destroying you to protect the world. More than 40 combat forces are sent to attack you. Including planes, cars, helicopters, tanks, and even UFOs. Even the army, with soldiers armed with powerful weapons. Now you need to fight for survival by attacking everything. Move-in the ground, gain momentum and rush into the air to attack the plane. Plunge accurately to destroy cars or tanks. At the same time agile reflexes, dodge the fire of UFOs trying to destroy you.Death Worm Mod

Quests, agile attack, and dodge skills

The task of Death Worm Mod is divided into levels from easy to difficult. Each level plays out extremely interesting, but no less dramatic. You need to kill and destroy enough targets to complete the mission. Move skillfully to strike accurately, causing the target to be destroyed with a single bite. Repeat this until you reach the required number of times, you will win. Move to the next level with increasing difficulty. However, you are not the only attackable creature. The fighter planes are capable of firing bullets continuously. If you accidentally touch or do not dodge in time, you may be in danger. More than that is the alien UFO. There is the ability to attack underground, which is a disadvantage. Not only is there a danger, but you can also even lose your life due to depleted blood.Download Death Worm Mod

Fight with the giant boss

In addition to the fierce battles. The difficulty of Death Worm Mod is also increased when you have to fight a giant boss. With strong attack power, possessing a huge amount of health. Especially can continuously fire to attack you. Facing such a strong enemy. You can not focus on the attack, but also have to combine many other factors. Observe a large area, judge the trajectory of fire, skillfully dodge so as not to be touched. Preserve your life and find opportunities, surprise attacks to destroy the enemy’s life force. Gradually, you can defeat the enemy with the skills of a prehistoric creature. Win spectacularly and get loads of exciting rewards.Game Death Worm Mod

Fireball and Nitro skills

The giant worm in Death Worm Mod can use special skills. With 2 main skills, including Fireball and Nitro. Using it effectively will help you quickly complete the task. The Fireball skill helps the worm to shoot a powerful fireball. Can destroy aircraft or other objects moving on the ground. For the skill Nitro, the worm increases its movement speed for a certain amount of time. For example, when being attacked heavily, using nitro helps all activities move faster. Can wriggle quickly in the ground and leap into the air with maximum height.Ear Death Worm Mod

Complete each level with excellent achievements. You will move to the next level. At the same time, explore many unique maps. Here, Death Worm Mod provides you with a desert map with hot sand and the appearance of pyramids. City map with tall buildings. More than that, the map of Antarctica is cold, covered with snow all year round. In particular, you can also witness with your own eyes the frozen prehistoric fish. With a large size, with sharp teeth.

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