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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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In the life of each of us, everyone has many problems that make each of us have a headache, fatigue, not finding a way to solve it. Making emotions very frustrating, you need to relieve stress or break something in order to withstand it. Understanding user psychology, VOODOO producer has run ahead of their time and created the game Demolish to help us have relaxing days with relatives and family. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and download for free.

Download Demolish Mod – Become Wise Destroyer

Demolish Mod is a game released by the VOODOO producer in March 2021. It is a very interesting new game by the VOODOO manufacturer, instead of the previous titles asking you to build and build one. or something, they are back with a game with very unique gameplay that is ahead of its time. This time they will force you to demolish skyscrapers and fortifications. Giving players a really new feeling every time you experience and immerse yourself in destruction.

Demolish Mod

Level of difficult

Like other games on all platforms, there is gameplay from easy to difficult, but with Demolish Mod, the difficulty remains the same, unchanged when players go through the screen. This also can not reduce the appeal of the game, initially, you will use the catapult to break the foot of the house before it falls. Then gradually new players can use the latest weapons to destroy the house. All the levels are the same, the player’s main goal is to destroy, even the game’s scoring method is still the same.

How to play

Have you ever had the thought of becoming a house demolition? In real life, it will not be possible, but in Demolish Mod, your wish will come true. The game requires you to destroy buildings in the city that have been evacuated. Destroying is easy but the building is difficult, in a very simple way, you can use rockets or lasers to destroy the building in front of you.Dow Demolish Mod

In reality, there are never two ways above, but they would use hydraulic jacks on the bottom floor of the building. The building will collapse safely and not cause any disturbance to the surroundings. For some buildings, they can use other methods such as using an excavator to demolish the roof down. But in the game, we introduce it is very different from the real-life that initially you will use the catapult to destroy the front foot of the house, and then the whole house will fall down. Giving players the feeling of transforming into real destroyers.


At the beginning of the experience, the player will be quite amazed because the gameplay of Hack Demolish is quite similar to Angry Birds. You will be prepared for a catapult below the ground, you need to adjust the angle and force of the machine to shoot bullets into the tall building. Until the house collapsed, you will receive stars with 3 stars. The fewer weapons you use, the more stars you get compared to shooting all the rockets.

There is a mistake that players think at first that they should destroy the house from the foundation onwards to collapse quickly, but you are wrong. When we destroy debris outside the building, the debris above will fall down, creating a solid barrier for the whole building. Therefore it is difficult for ordinary bullets to break it in a short time, but special weapons such as missiles or lasers are required to cause the building to collapse in an instant.Game Demolish Mod


The match is completed, the player will receive a certain amount of stars depending on the capacity of the match. That star will be used to unlock rockets when you reach a certain point, you will get 2 or 3 rockets depending on luck. In Demolish gum there are three main types: cannons, nuclear bombs, and lasers. With the cannon, it is a missile with an infinite amount but its destructive power is very low, if you are someone who likes to experience slow destruction, the cannon is a reasonable choice.

A nuclear bomb is completely different from a cannon, if you are a person who likes novelty then you should give it a try. The bullets fly faster and have much greater power causing buildings to collapse in an instant. Speaking of lasers, there is nothing to discuss this stupid weapon, a high-class weapon with powerful destructive power that easily destroys anything with just one projectile.

With the deep understanding of the publisher, VOODOO has released a game that gives players a lot of experience and stress relief. Besides the many advantages of limitless money, the destruction becomes simple for you. You can immediately experience the most advanced weapons without having to wait for the milestone to receive. Let’s download Demolish Mod now and experience it together. Along with that, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating and relieve stress after a long hard working day.

Download Demolish Mod APK 2.0 (Unlimited Shell, No ADS)

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