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Money and diamonds increase when spent!

Become a designer in the story of Design Stories Mod. Through puzzle levels built-in match-3 style. You will decorate and customize the interior of the rooms in the villa. Designed according to customer requirements, turning each room into a beautiful space. Challenge your personal design skills in private rooms. Arrange objects to create a lively space. Along with countless stories for you to discover. Chat with the characters in the game, they are your customers. Interact with them and answer customer questions. Build a good relationship, which will help your work go up.

Download Design Stories Mod – Design Rooms According to Customers’ Requirements

The gameplay of Design Stories Mod is extremely interesting. You talk to customers through chats or conversations. Take on the task of designing rooms in houses and villas. Design the style they want. By participating in match-3 puzzle levels to arrange objects in the room. Complete each puzzle level in turn to complete the interior of each room. Arrange objects appropriately. Simultaneously interact with customers to keep them on track of your design progress. Making customers happy will help you get new designs. There is more difficulty and complexity, which means that the bonus you receive will be more than before.Design Stories Mod

Thousands of furniture items, use the money to buy

Design Stories Mod provides thousands of different pieces of furniture for you to choose from. Including floor, wall, living room sofa, drinking table, carpet. Or pictures, vases, decorative objects in each room. However, you cannot select items for free. If you want to choose a certain piece of furniture. You will have to use the money earned from previous puzzle levels to unlock. Proceed to the next puzzle level to collect the required items. From there, you will earn more bonuses. Take turns arranging objects in positions in the room. You will complete the client’s design assignment. Continue to step into the new design task.Tai Design Stories Mod

Many design projects, made according to customers’ requirements

Coming to Design Stories Mod you will challenge yourself in many different works. The houses, villas, inns, rooms, etc. In each project, you will meet different characters. Each person will have their own requirements for each room. They will talk in detail through chats between you and them. Your task is to fulfill the customer’s request. After completing a project, you will continue to come to new works. The difficulty will be increased through the puzzle level. Like many interior items that need to be decorated.Download Design Stories Mod

Choose the right furniture

In each design work of Design Stories Mod. You will have to do a lot of different jobs. Choose the furniture, to match the rest of the objects. For a uniform example of color, the background and wall paint colors should be similar. Create a private space in the room, with objects arranged in the most appropriate way. Complete a room when it is full of furniture. Moreover, they are identical in design. That will make your customers feel very satisfied.

Match-3 puzzle

In the match-3 puzzle game of Design Stories Mod. You need to collect enough items as required to complete the mission. With more than 1000 different levels of play. Along with a lot of items for you to collect such as clover, water drop, star, heart. You arrange from three items of the same color and symbol to become. Arrange to collect the required items. At the same time create combos that will help you achieve high results. From there will earn a lot of bonuses after completing the puzzle level.Game Design Stories Mod

Besides designing projects according to customer requirements. Design Stories Mod allows you to challenge yourself in your own interior design tasks. Here you can incorporate your own design style. Decorate the room and choose imaginative objects to complete a lively room. In addition, when designing a certain project. You are allowed to access the rooms in the building to perform tasks. This is a match-3 puzzle simulation game. Promises to bring you interesting experiences.

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