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If you are a lover of horror games, Detention Mod will be a perfect choice, the game has many mysteries that science cannot explain. Taiwan’s spooky legends, experience an air of gloom that makes your skin crawl as you play. The game is developed by 赤燭遊戲, will give you the most realistic feeling to let you feel the fun and attraction of this game even if it gives you fear. Do you believe in ghosts, demons that exist related to spirituality, playing this game will see that? As well as challenging yourself to see how brave you are, be startled by the horror game. In the game, you will transform into a schoolboy who wakes up from his sleep but everything seems to have changed. The air begins to suffocate and monstrous things keep happening in front of you. This will be the challenge of the character as well as yours,

Download Detention Mod – Bizarre Adventure

New to the game Detention Mod you will immediately feel the gloomy atmosphere of this game, you and your friends. Two unique characters embark on a journey filled with the anomaly as well as the spooky feeling of being haunted. A suffocating world that seems like there are only two people left can only keep moving forward, there is no way to turn back. A scary dark road is waiting for you, ghost stories, monstrosities about spirituality, the religion of Taiwan. Of course, the road ahead is not easy, there will be horror stories, scary things that you have never met, monstrous scenes that always appear. Your job is to try to hold back the fear of how to find the answer, to that mystery. The strange things of this place see what the truth of all this is the cause of these phenomena appearing. To get yourself a solution as well as get out of this haunted school to return to a normal life.Detention Mod

Dramatic Challenge

Detention Mod can be likened to a horror movie because of the monstrous events that keep happening. Your school is suddenly out of the ordinary as if there is some mystical force, some mystical creature that has a profound effect on each other. This isn’t a fighting game you’re just a student who doesn’t know what’s going on in search of answers to change. It is precisely to run away from danger by judging based on the feelings that appear in the mind. Find clues to see what is the power behind this and end it.

Sound, Outstanding Image

In every game, the image is what creates, whether the game is beautiful or not attractive to players depends on the image. The image will give you an overview of this game, good or bad is shown. Detention Mod is built on Taiwanese stories, so the image is also sketched based on that. Realistic images create terrifying scenes that startle you. Design challenges with different scary images, although only in 2D, but make you feel the horror in them.Game Detention Mod

Picture perfect along with sound, great tracks rely on different visual situations to feed the tracks just right. Creating the harmony of both music and visuals always goes hand in hand as the main reason for a good game.

Detention Mod is a scary ghost game with scary stories of Taiwanese spiritual ghost legends. But it is interesting to stimulate players to challenge themselves to experience the feeling of a school with horror stories happening. This is a foreign game so the original Taiwanese version will have difficulties playing due to the language. But now with this version, you will see that the game has almost completely Vietnameseized the language. The words in the game are all replaced with Vietnamese so that Vietnamese people can understand the game to experience this horror but fascinating game.

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