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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Dino Tamers takes you into an ancient planet of more than 200 million years ago, in which there are countless interesting things that you can never imagine. Great years were working at that time, they ruled all species, even all things. It was the Jurassic period, the most developed period of the dinosaurs. Hidden behind rocks, bushes are something you can guess? Can you be a greasy treat for them or will they be your pet? Do you have the strength to face off against animals that were extinct long ago? If you are ready, let us experience it!

Download Dino Tamers Mod – Jurassic Return Experience

Dino Tamers is a primitive missing world filled with dinosaurs fighting for survival. Set up the setting, bring players to the Jurassic period to experience the feeling of living with dinosaurs. The player will have to adapt to life with ancient creatures and will not be able to return. Humans have hidden powers within each of us, giving them the magical ability to survive. Prove that we are world masterminds, pure dinosaurs, turning them into mounts and even tools for hunting other dinosaurs.

Dino Tamers Mod

Style of play

Our lives are full of dangers, full of difficulties, that we must use all means to protect ourselves. Then you need a dinosaur to protect yourself. So first you have to look for them. Dino Tamers will show you how to puree them and give you some purebred orbs. Once you have enough supplies, target and then move around and hide in the bushes and rocks behind them, finishing them off by throwing the device and the dinosaur’s tail. If they hit, they will be yours.

PvP mode

It’s not just going to pure dinosaurs. The publisher also added a PvP feature for Hack Dino Tamers that integrates role-playing elements for players to compete with other players. Instead of having to punch people with humans, we will have purebred dinosaurs on the ring to distinguish victory and defeat. The dinosaurs are adjusted by the publisher quite detailed, they will get the ability with a special coefficient for each. If that number is higher, your odds of winning will increase significantly.game Dino Tamers Mod

Dinosaur upgrade

To make the game more appealing to the experience, the publisher has added an upgrade feature for the dinosaurs, allowing the dinosaurs to change their shape completely and the ability to fight significantly increased. . Of course you will need money to upgrade, besides you need materials, then you just need to go to the lab to upgrade. Genes of each type will evolve differently, so their ability to excel will depend on each type more.


Events are a very important part of every game, it gives us dumb resources and loot that makes us advance faster. In Dino Tamers too, there are many events in this. Giving the players profits and especially the typical experience like hunting rare dinosaurs or mammoths, because most of these missions are very difficult giving you the difficulty. You need the confidence to conquer it.

Build the infrastructure

Craft and build a secret old-world base to give your monsters a place to rest after a day of intense fights for survival. Harness resources in the world and use them to craft items for upgrades. Use your resources to build giant structures like evolution centers to level up your dinosaurs to be powerful and go to victory, for glory after breathtaking PvP battles.

game Dino Tamers Mod hack

Graphics and sound

Developed by the focused developer of Dino Tamers’ graphics, the 3D configuration makes the player feel like he is immersed in an ancient world, in which you are the leader with countless beasts. With the move of ugly dinosaurs, now animated to look very artistic. The base is a house for tamed dinosaurs and an arena that makes players feel like they are immersed in the ancient world.

When you experience Dino Tamers, you will encounter opponents with extraordinary strength, who are strong and grow up exceptionally. It makes you really headache not knowing how to beat such a strong opponent. Makes each game tense and gets depressed soon. So we’re here to help, with us money no longer matters, you can comfortably upgrade your own dinosaurs. Unlock all the ultimate moves and skills, making the enemy now no longer a problem, and go to victory.

Download Dino Tamers Mod APK 2.13 (Free Craft, Research)

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