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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Dinosaur Rampage is an action game about dinosaurs, a beast of the jungle. As we all know, dinosaurs are an animal that symbolizes strength and power. This animal used to be the hegemon of the green forest, the hegemony of animals for millions of years. However, today this species is almost extinct. I am sure of one thing that you can only see them through pictures, through TV, ……etc….But when you come to this gameplay, you will be able to see and raise giant dinosaurs. This game simulates real life. A large city with many interesting things. You will control a giant dinosaur and attack big cities. But your main purpose as well as your main task is not to destroy the city or destroy the people.

Download Dinosaur Rampage Mod – Control dinosaurs to defeat enemies

Dinosaur Rampage Mod throws players into battles between extremely bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Other dinosaurs also have the desire and plot to become the dominant ruler in the dinosaur world. So you also need to have strategies to be able to defeat the enemy easily, If the enemy is too many, you let them fight and when they are weak, you go and defeat them all. set them. Within 2 minutes you need to have strategies and creative plays. To be able to survive and win. In online game mode, you will randomly match with other players in the world. After each battle is won, you not only get the highest throne. But you also receive extremely valuable gifts including Money, exp, ……Vv….And many other items.

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Style play

In terms of gameplay, I feel the gameplay of this game is quite interesting and easy to play. Not only did I get to see the legendary dinosaurs, see their activities. You can also raise a dinosaur for yourself. Many types of dinosaurs for you to choose from and especially the small dinosaurs with super cute shapes. There are also dinosaurs, although small, but have a very heroic atmosphere. Especially, you can also join your dinosaur in the wars for the throne. Equip your dinosaurs with equipment to increase their defenses. If you want to increase their strength, you can open skills for them. Practice with them to be able to have more skillful and sophisticated skills.

Lots of beautiful outfits

Hack Dinosaur Rampage has a very diverse and extremely rich outfit with many different types of costumes. Allows users to create and decorate their beloved dinosaurs. Gorgeous and precious outfits show your class and wealth. If you are a person who hates lies, you can choose pink outfits. Or you are a person who always appreciates loyalty, there are many purple costumes for you to choose from…….vv….Along with many other costumes, please slowly explore. However, the price of a costume is not cheap at all. You can only get money when you win each battle. To accumulate money and use it wisely.

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3D graphics

Dinosaur Rampage runs on a vivid, detailed 3D graphics platform designed to be realistic, exactly like reality. There are times when the dinosaurs roar and pounce on the screen, making me startle to laugh because it is so realistic. Objects such as Motorcycles, cars, people…etc… are designed to simulate very similar to reality, the visual effects are very eye-catching. And I think this is also a criterion that makes MOBA gamers love this game. Besides, we also need to win praise for the game’s sound quality. Because of the roars, the footsteps, the sound of the dinosaurs being defeated…etc…It was amazing.

The things that Dinosaur Rampage brings to us are probably nothing to argue about anymore. really have to pay a tribute to the game publisher Geisha Tokyo, Inc. Gave players moments of entertainment extremely interesting. Besides, this gameplay still has some minus points that make users sometimes feel uncomfortable. That is, the game’s costumes, although very beautiful and diverse, are sold at a very expensive price. So you need to immediately download the Dinosaur Rampage Mod version. Having money is unlimited, you can buy anything you like. Moreover, unlocking all the costumes gives you the freedom to choose the ones you love.

Download Dinosaur Rampage Mod APK 4.4.0 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Outfits)

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