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Dog Sim Online Mod opens an adventure of familiar animals. Here, you transform into a dog named Sim. The game released by Turbo Rocket Games simulates an interesting animal world. Takes you on the journey of the uncles. With the goal of building a dog family with many different breeds. A series of quests are waiting for you to explore. Engage in battles with enemies. Claim the power of dogs by fighting and defeating them.

Download Dog Sim Online Mod – Become a Dog with the Required Target Defeat Mission

Dog Sim Online Mod is designed with open gameplay. Role-playing as a dog Sim, you can freely move in the city. Master yourself with actions you want without restrictions. Fight the humans with bites, attack them to gain experience points. Search the target in the vast city to complete the mission. Besides fighting, you also have to protect your family. Attack those who want to harm the family and make them run away. A series of missions for you to explore, control the dog Sim to complete in the best way.Dog Sim Online Mod

Control Sim, use skills to attack

The gameplay of Dog Sim Online Mod is quite simple. Your task is to control the dog Sim moving in the city. Search for targets and knock them down with bites to complete the mission. In the process, you will have to move to every corner of the city. Go to different locations to search for targets. Using the dog’s skills, attack the enemy causing them to lose blood. Your biggest difficulty is not finding your goal. It is the process of fighting to defeat them. Because every time you attack, the enemy will fight back, causing you to lose a certain amount of health. If the health runs out, you will have to stop the game and be unable to complete the mission.Download Dog Sim Online Mod

The quest to find and defeat the target

The mission system of Dog Sim Online Mod is extremely diverse and attractive. In a game screen, you need to find and defeat targets to complete the mission. For example, knocking down 2 dogs, a man and a woman. The mission only ends when you defeat enough targets or are defeated by the enemy. In the process, they do not stand still for you to find. Instead, they move on many different paths. You even have to participate in the chase to catch the dogs. Overcoming challenges and completing tasks in turn, you have the opportunity to receive a lot of attractive rewards.

Multiplayer mode

Not only fighting alone, but you can also participate in Multiplayer mode with many other online players. Accompany them in the adventures of dogs. Find the target quickly and discover many other interesting things. In particular, Dog Sim Online Mod allows you to show your strength. By using the dog’s fighting skills to attack the enemy. Defeat each target in turn with deadly barks and bites. Affirm the power of the species, making all the surrounding targets terrify.Tai Dog Sim Online Mod

Control mechanism

The control mechanism of the Dog Sim Online Mod is not complicated for you to use. It is designed similar to other simulation games. The developer uses the virtual joystick to help you move the dog in the direction you want. You just need to touch and swipe on the screen in different directions to control the dog. Likewise, the right side of the screen displays skill icons. Use the corresponding icons in different situations to attack the enemy.

Many dog ​​breeds

Dog Sim Online Mod provides players with many different dogs for you to choose from. They are divided into many dog ​​breeds such as Husky, Dalmatian, Daschund, Doberman, … and many other breeds. Each dog has a different price, depending on its preciousness and ability. Using the money accumulated from previous levels, you can choose a dog you love.Game Dog Sim Online Mod

Besides, Dog Sim Online Mod not only has a large city for you to explore. Instead, there are a lot of unique maps, very realistically designed. Combined with sunny, rainy, and thunder weather effects. Create an extremely realistic 3D space. Not stopping there, each map is reproduced a day and night effect. Promises to bring extremely attractive adventures.

Download Dog Sim Online Mod APK 200 (Unlimited Money)

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