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Funky Bay is about a tropical island, where you will transform into one of the farmers who build and develop your island. Players will grow crops with a variety of crops, raise animals to get non-killing products such as eggs, milk, feathers, etc. After being harvested, you can sell them at the counter at a Reasonable price for people around. When making a lot of profit, players can use the money to buy some processing plants. Cater to people’s needs and fulfill orders. Processed products will earn more profit, so try to earn as much money as possible to serve the sales process. Everything on the farm is managed by you. Be a boss loved and trusted by everyone. If players want to receive valuable items to repair the island, they need to invest a lot of time in the game. However, the publisher BELKA GAMES will definitely pay off your efforts. Build your farm the way you want, using natural resources to create a beautiful landscape.

Download Funky Bay Mod – Build your farm

If other games just need a few steps to complete. Then Funky Bay Mod players have to control their character to work quite meticulously, such as hoeing, filling holes, sowing seeds, etc… all have to be done in detail. When you first set foot on the island, with limited capital, you should start from small value agricultural products. In the process of raising and cultivating, it is necessary to pay attention to disease problems, not to give them the opportunity to spread. Take advantage of natural resources to build a farm of the right form. When starting to develop, starting to earn profits, should boldly invest more in the farm’s facilities. Buy more equipment and machinery to help with the production process, creating more valuable agricultural products.

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Farm Design

The publisher allows players to freely adjust everything on the farm to their liking. You can also arrange the layout to have both a farm model and an ecotourism destination. It has the effect of attracting people around and tourists to come. That will help your trading process a lot. The game has a view from above to make it easier for you to observe. Come up with ideas, create and design your farm to become a beautiful place, and discover more interesting things in this game.

Funky Bay mod

Diverse quest system

Funky Bay with nearly 100 different missions for players to conquer. In addition, after completing the mission, there are also a lot of bonuses and valuable items. The system allows players to make friends online, trade, and visit other farms. If you feel bored, you can drive your boat to the surrounding islands to visit, chat with locals to get more information about the treasure.

Game Funky Bay mod

Food supplies

After starting to stabilize the farm, you will have to work hard to earn money. Build more barns for different livestock such as Dairy cows, pigs for meat, and chickens to lay eggs. Then build a few more factories to process products in accordance with the requirements of the people. In addition, it is necessary to plant many different varieties of plants to serve different purposes. Like: Rice, corn, sugarcane, beans, etc. Use your truck to complete the orders of people around. Drive boats to deliver to other islands. Create quality products that customers can trust and consider you as the most potential supplier.

Graphics and sounds in the game

The publisher has a very unique graphic design, making players feel lost in a wonderland. The sound in the game is the same as in real life. From the sound of birds singing, the sound of waves crashing, people talking, etc… All are true to every detail. With 3D style, create vivid images to create people as well as trees and objects here. The color gamut is mainly bright colors, evoking fun and excitement for players.

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Coming to Funky Bay you will be a real farmer. Become the most potential source of food by building a chain of modern, high-yielding agricultural systems. Serving the needs of everyone, bringing your island to a remarkable development. Find hidden treasures around to get many rare items and upgrades for your farm. Download Funky Bay Mod to experience the extremely beautiful rural life.

Download Funky Bay Mod 44.0.15 (Free Shopping)

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