Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod APK 1.0.71 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, Stars)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited ammo

Become a special soldier with other teammates to create a professional special squad team to rescue hostages captured across the city in Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod. The most dramatic action game with flexible features and unique gameplay has created a dramatic and engaging shooting. As a paid game on the Android game store, but Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod is still worth the money for players to download and experience. As a swat soldier, it is your duty and your teammates to keep the whole city safe and orderly, now terrorized by evil criminals. Agility and skillful movement to be able to destroy all enemies and rescue hostages is a very important task and requires certain professionalism.

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod – Special Forces Squad

As a classic retro-oriented game, but Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod is still a bit modern with the movement in terms of the speed of the graphics giving you a smooth and no degree of gameplay. late. When terrorists lately are raging everywhere and cause crimes, a soldier like you appears to quell the chaos is very necessary and urgent. A difficult and arduous task when they both have weapons to fight back, but with the skills of a soldier you will handle it intelligently and beautifully handle everything to bring peace to the city ​​and complete quests. A system with a variety of features in the game will make you attractive and play games in an extremely entertaining and happy way after every hour of work or study stress and fatigue.

Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod

Supreme mission

Breaking into the bases of terrorists holding the hostages and rescuing them is not a simple task for you and your team. Where there is no electromagnetic light, you will be given a flashlight to light up dark areas and move. Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod you will not have to fight alone when your teammates are always ready to wait for your assignments and action, you will control and draw direction for your team. All activities in the game are very important so you need to pay attention when controlling your teammates, just one wrong move will make the team lose. Many dangers lurking everywhere are waiting for you ahead, you need to overcome all and rescue hostages or destroy all to complete the mission.

Nice graphics and gameplay

The criminals not only have the advantage of their bases and whereabouts but also have small to heavy weapons to resist fiercely so please move and attack skillfully, use the best support tools for you. Your teammates will also be a powerful assistant to help you a lot, control by moving, and put them in the direction you have set. Dexterity and smart movement are not enough when the opponents will get stronger in the future, you need to upgrade your equipment and weapons for yourself and for your teammates in the team to have a dark power. best and easy to overcome. Graphics in the Hack Door Kickers: Action Squad is a retro 2D bias for classic characters and details,

Game Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod

The above features, extremely special and effective will help you a lot in the task of destroying terrorists and rescuing these hostages. Unlimited bullets, Stars will help you with a never-ending amount of ammo, you will shoot in an economical and hands-free way. All weapons you can now own, choose the powerful weapons with the greatest firepower to give a huge advantage. All levels are now unlocked through this Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod mod version, you will be spoiled for choice and experience all levels in the most satisfying way.

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad Mod APK 1.0.71 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, Stars)

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