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Update October 12, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. Unlimited Resources*

*Use them even don’t have enough

If you need to relax after a tiring day at work. Come to Doorman Story that will help you relieve stress whenever you need it. Here the player will transform into a hotel owner. The first step to building a career and improving is to attract customers. Your task is very simple which is to manage and direct. Initially, there will be only 2 staff to serve. But if you run the hotel well and earn a huge amount of money can hire more people. Everyone’s satisfaction with the hotel will be judged by heart. So please serve attentively to earn a lot. Especially when you do the tasks that the system gives. If done well will receive diamonds. They are used to buy very rare and expensive items. And coins will be collected from guests renting the room and making a deposit in advance. When earning a decent amount of money. Open more services to attract customers or upgrade equipment to make them more beautiful and comfortable. However, you need to spend it sensibly or you will not have any reserves left in case of an emergency.

Download Doorman Story – Become a talented hotel manager

Originally just a small motel by the road. But under your wise management and direction, it has become a great hotel. Let’s get down to business right away. First, the most important thing is to serve customers well. Let them appreciate and create prestige for the hotel. After being checked out, clean everything neatly and cleanly to welcome the next guests. Use coins to buy more necessary items for each room. Such as drinking water, television, clothes hangers, etc. In addition, please make an additional food counter in the hotel lobby to serve when people are hungry. However, do not let them wait too long because that affects the assessment of the quality of your hotel. Let’s start to experience business and management at Doorman Story Mod right now.

Doorman Story mod

Hotel manager

As a big boss. You need to do your best so that your hotel can thrive. Create a reputation and be trusted by everyone to rent a room. Always clean, prepare more necessary items to make the room more comfortable. Make customers feel comfortable and at ease. Regularly improve and upgrade the hotel to increase its modernity and attract more customers to stay. Doorman Story Mod is considered a business model simulation game. Because from the experience in the game you can apply it in practice in some aspects.

Doorman Story mod apk

Keep growing

The initial difficult period is over. Your mission now is to continue developing the hotel to the next level. Take advantage of the customer base to develop more services. Train staff to be friendly. However, those are not easy. Because there are times when encountering difficult and demanding customers, even swearing. But always keep the right attitude, otherwise your hotel will be rated 1 star immediately. In particular, must treat all guests fairly, including ordinary, poor or luxurious, etc. Because they are the main source of income of the hotel, if you are negligent, you will certainly not receive a refund. any amount.

Doorman Story mod


With a diverse mission system. Gameplay gives you the experience of a real boss. From consulting customers to how to behave properly. This helps you to accumulate more new and rich experiences. Managing a hotel is not easy. When the hotel has grown, there are more staff and services, etc. In addition to providing development strategies, players also have to train their employees according to certain rules. Otherwise, when you make a mistake, the consequences will be very unpredictable, even bankruptcy immediately.

Graphics and sound

The gameplay has quite vivid graphics, creating a realistic feeling for players. With a wide rotation angle, it helps to expand the view and is easier to manage. The movement of the character you control is also moderate, not too fast. Therefore, players can just go and think about how they should handle the situation in the most appropriate way. The music in the game is also quite gentle and comfortable. It is also subject to change according to specific circumstances. For example, the default music background creates a relaxing feeling. But when there is a big event coming up, the system will automatically switch to vibrant music to stimulate players to participate more.

Doorman Story mod apk

The more experience you have, the more mature you will be in management. Let’s make your hotel thrive and become the brightest place. Everyone cares and welcomes them. Just overcome the initial difficult period, success will definitely come to you. Download Doorman Story Mod, become a talent manager. Satisfy all customers and develop your hotel on the world’s largest scale.

Download Doorman Story Mod APK 1.11.1 (Unlimited money, resources)

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