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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Dot n Beat lets you immerse yourself in exciting, attractive music to help dispel fatigue and pressure in life. Enjoy extremely attractive, attractive melodies. You can create your own music as you like. With just a few simple clicks on the screen, it can be done. However, this operation needs to be fast, with the highest accuracy. The speed of each track will be gradually increased over time. Players need to have a flexible operation, high accuracy. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to complete the song completely. The sound store is quite diverse, with many different genres of music for you to choose from. The more exciting the songs, the more difficult the difficulty will be. But it is also a challenge, a great experience for you.

Download Dot n Beat Mod – Create great music

Immediately after entering Dot n Beat Mod, you will be able to choose your favorite song and start the game. If you find it happening too fast, don’t even know how to play, don’t worry. The system will guide you to perform each operation, extremely detailed instructions. Even if it’s your first time playing, you can get used to it easily. The gameplay is simple but not easy to win. Because on the journey to the finish line, completing the music you need to do all the correct operations. Just one mistake is to stop the game immediately. Can use diamonds to revive. But this cannot be done forever because the cost for one time is extremely high. So during the process, stay calm, press the music key correctly. See the small dot in the middle of the screen move to where then press there. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s actually not that easy. Fast tempo will be very easy to press wrong.

Dot n Beat mod

Style play

Players do not spend too much time getting used to the gameplay of the game. After the first tutorial, you can create your own music. The gameplay is simple but requires precise manipulation, not misleading. Tap the music keys to create a melody. The operation continues like this until the music is completed. Practice reflexes, quick and accurate manipulation. Try to complete the tasks assigned by the system in the best way. The number of points after each level of your game will be recorded by the system. People with high achievements will be honored on the leaderboard.

Game Dot n Beat mod

Rich music store

One special thing is that the music in Dot n Beat Mod is extremely high quality. Very carefully screened. All of them are famous tunes in the world, loved by many people. Please choose a suitable song for yourself. Then press start to be able to complete the melody of that song. At high altitudes and choruses, the speed will take place extremely fast. You have to be very careful, perform the operation correctly. In free mode, players can combine multiple tracks together. Create unique, attractive melodies to help you relax more.

Game Dot n Beat mod hack

Customize control buttons

The player is free to change the appearance of the control button displayed on the screen. That’s the one who shows you the right way. Change the appearance of each stage to match the melody of the song. Inspire yourself to be immersed in the song more deeply. To unlock your favorite control buttons, you need to complete the assigned system tasks. At the same time, you have to spend 1 corresponding amount of coins. Then it’s easy to own what you like.

Game mode

In PvP mode, you can compete with other players around the world. Let’s compete with each other for speed, accurate execution skills, whose reflexes are faster. When you win, you will receive many attractive gifts. You will never feel bored and lonely when you have to play the game alone. Compete with your friends in your spare time. Score a lot of points to get on the system’s leaderboard. Join multiplayer communities. Together with the support, help each other level up, victory easier.

Ear Dot n Beat mod apk

The graphics of Dot n Beat are considered to be of extremely good quality. The visual effects are very magical and vibrant. Combined with the melodies of the song to create a special experience for players. This has also helped the gameplay attract more players interested and downloaded. Freely create your favorite music, compete with other players around the world. Release stress, have moments of relaxation and fun. Download Dot n Beat Mod and immerse yourself in exciting music.

Download Dot n Beat Mod APK 2.0.9 (Unlimited Money)

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