Drag'n'Boom MOD APK 1.2.0 (Money, Keys, Coins, Dragons)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlocked all Dragons

Drag’n’Boom is a fascinating video game of brutal forces. The game has brave dragons who are not afraid of danger to complete the assigned tasks. When you join you are transported into a magical, strange world, and you are tasked with saving the world. The dragons in the game with beautiful bodies and colors will help everyone, especially children, feel like they are lost in a fairy tale. The game also has lovely dragons, the map in the game is extremely lively, eye-catching, and makes players feel excited. In particular, the game also has unique images that make children feel excited and enthusiastic when playing the game.

Download Drag’n’Boom Mod – Attractive video game

To join the game you need to pay attention to the obstacles on the map is the most important thing. Players need to control their pets, out of the reach of foreign objects. You must constantly avoid obstacles on the way to reach the final destination on the map. Players when participating in the war with the task of destroying the towers of humanity. When the dragon mother Khaleesi created to help the baby dragons become more and more agile. You control the dragon boys, you need to pay attention to the obstacles on the road. You also have to let the little dragons spitfire and destroy the obstacles on the way to quickly reach the destination. When playing, you should control the dragons to eat the coins that fall on the map, to collect a lot of money to upgrade your mascot to become stronger.

drag'n'boom mod

Diverse game modes

Coming to this Drag’n’Boom will be the best journey because the game has many extremely interesting game modes. Currently, the game is preparing to launch many unique features, with more than 55 levels. Each mode often has great challenges to let players achieve their own records. The game also has many diverse features, such as upgrading equipment, skills and letting your own pet become stronger than ever. Players can avoid fireballs on collision, modern weapons in the game to remove obstacles on your way to the finish line. You can control your own pet easily. The game also has a variety of features, such as adjusting the game’s buttons, so that you can adjust your pet in a simpler way.

game drag'n'boom mod

Manipulations and moves in Drag’n’Boom

One of the things that makes you feel the happiest is that you can use one of the summoner spells in Drag’n’Boom. It’s a spell that slows down enemies so you have space and time to kill them quickly. However, summoner spells also help you with many things such as: stopping time, slowing down space so you can overcome many steps of thorny walls, and highly effective in finding the shortest path to the finish line. Along with the sound system in the game Drag’n’Boom is extremely good for young people, the game also gives our children a more joyful feeling in life with effects, sharp images of the animals. Extremely lovely baby dragons are meticulously made and attract all young people today.

Unique Features of Drag’n’Boom

The game has many unique features, very beautiful costumes, eye-catching effects that make children extremely excited. The game also has extremely lovely baby dragons with unique patterns, attracting players because these animals are so beautiful that young people feel excited. The game also has many unique functions that you have not been able to find out, because your curiosity and way of learning will give us a lot of more modern lifestyles to apply in reality. You also have to control your dragon boy to overcome the obstacles on the road in the shortest time. Drag’n’Boom also has many combos for players to learn and participate in the battles in the game.

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Drag’n’Boom is one of the multiplayer games with up to 11000000 players in this beautiful world. Then in the match, you will not be afraid of obstacles on the way to the finish line and can perform many skills continuously. The entertaining game will help players have comfortable moments after a long, tiring, and stressful day of work. With attractive things waiting for you to download and experience, the game is completely free. Sometimes players will feel like they have never overcome these obstacles, Drag’n’Boom Mod is the best e-sports game available today, download and play now.

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