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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Perhaps everyone has a good childhood with a manga about Dragon Ball. After the publisher of Super Z dragon games asked for the right to commercialize the movie and transform it into Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle. An action game with extremely interesting and engaging players. You will be playing the role of a strong, intelligent Goku character and sacrifices yourself to save the planet. Repel the super Saiyans and the Names out of the beautiful and fierce earth to preserve the 7 dragon balls and peace on earth

Download Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod – with kakalot and friends to protect the dragon ball.

Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mode is a game that brings you back to life with powerful and mighty warriors like kakalot and friends. Your mission is to protect the peace of the earth from aliens from invading the earth. In the game, you will be transformed into a legendary warrior kakalot, and also the guardian of this peaceful planet. Now game developer Super Z dragon games have realized your childhood, developed by the passion and inspiration of Dragon lovers. A game full of fun and attraction, making it difficult for players to experience it.

Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod

Fierce PvP battles

The game takes you to very attractive PvP battles that bring kakalot to the pinnacle of the power of life. Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod battles seem to never end. The enemies after being defeated are constantly regenerating and becoming extremely powerful, which will make you quite a bit of effort when facing them. But fortunately, in fact, it is not like that, the game content is quite long, it is difficult to end. Although the rules of the game follow the process of life and death, every battle we attend is an impressive ending that you cannot imagine.

game Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod

Fierce battles

Although Hack Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle has 2D graphics, don’t be underestimated because what it offers is so much more. With the character’s rich and varied fighting techniques giving players from one charisma to another, there are also extremely eye-catching skill effects that you can hardly take your eyes off of. off the screen. They are edited in great detail by the developer from the streams of power generated to explosions, bringing the realism of the game. Soon as you enter the match, you will feel how fierce it creates. Most of the matches that players experience are in remote places such as the sea, desert, hill, desert island …

Series of characters from the original story

You will be transformed into a proud character Son Goku, or prince Vegeta or other legends like Son Goten and Son Gohan, Goku’s son. At first experience the game, you will meet Vegeta, with him to attend the battles. Unlike other games, Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod exploits the content of the story quite deeply. The character series can also transform into super-Blended Skins or a form with a higher awakening energy level.

Based on Goku’s origins, help him unleash his full power by transforming into Super Xay Da from low to high levels, in the form of legendary blue or infinity. Not only Goku but Gohan and Goten also have that ability. You will have to find a way to unleash the strength of each of those characters, although it is a bit expensive and powerful, that is the only hope you can do to win each battle. In addition, the game also has a practice mode, you can go there to practice skills and proficiency with your favorite characters.

game Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle mod hack

Unlock combat skills

Parallel to the level, you also need to unlock the skills, giving each character their own strength to be able to fight in a much more flexible and beneficial way. The skill system of Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod gives you the surprise, the series of characters have learned their own special moves such as Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack, Super Ki Blast, Monkey King Recall and great moves. that everyone was scared of was Super Kamehameha. If you were a fan of Dragon Ball as a child, of course, you will know how destructive they are.

For those who have just experienced the game, it is very hard and time-consuming to want to experience the characters you love. So we are here to help you, Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod will be the number one choice for you. Make what you have been wanting for so long will come true, you will no longer worry when you upgrade each hero and unlock skills because all you have is money. Unlock things that the early game did not have, now everything can use. There is no need to worry about earning money to upgrade characters, but you can focus on training to win fierce battles.

Download Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod APK 1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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