Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK 1.1.8 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Coins)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Lots of Coins/Coins to spend

Dragon Hills 2 Mod is the second version that improves many things from the first version of the same name with your journey as a princess riding an awakened dragon on the path to find the cause and rescue. world, overcome all obstacles. But with this version, it is no longer a medieval setting but modern or even futuristic, with Zombies everywhere it’s an interesting featured image that many people like. This is a game developed by Rebel Twins designed on two platforms, Android and iOS, easily downloaded on Wed, Google Play, and App Store.

Download Dragon Hills 2 Mod – Journey to Find the Truth

By joining Dragon Hills 2 Mod you will become a princess with your dragon to find the truth when the world is now extremely gloomy, the world is infected with a strange disease that turns people into controlled monsters to Invade the earth to find a way to save the world. Overcoming obstacles, with your dragon, you can go underground and then rise up without knocking up obstacles, move reasonably to destroy obstacles, you can also destroy obstacles. kill the enemies on the way, control the dragon is also very simple, just press and release on the screen to go underground and then fly into the air to knock the enemies are zombie monsters.Game Dragon Hills 2 Mod

Pass the holy test

On the way to move your dragon, not everything can be blown away, Hack Dragon Hills 2 has a machine that you need to avoid is the shields and toxic substances if not avoided, your journey will be destroyed. end here you and the dragon will be destroyed. Just like the enemies are Zombie monsters on the way that can attack you when seen, they are equipped with long-range weapons. They are also designed in stages with increasing difficulty to gradually increase your ability, and each has the strongest monster, which will be the thing to prevent you from reaching victory through the stage.

Increase strength

In the game Dragon Hills 2 Mod as you know it is with increasing difficulty, with the initial strength, you cannot overcome all the gates, do not subjectively think that the game is easy when you will have to make sacrifices. You will need to enhance your dragon and princess with developer designs. Increase strength to increase defense durability, or increase attack power to easily destroy targets, especially Bosses at the end of each level. In addition to strength, the dragon also has skills, but to get those, you must collect items such as gold coins when you destroy the target to leave, must pick up as much as possible, not give up. by a penny.Dragon Hills 2 Mod

Sound, vivid graphics

Dragon Hills 2 Mod is made in the form of 2D images but is not boring, but very interesting to attract players with the image of dragons that can fly or with objects on the road that can be shot when knocked. The rays are both attractive to the player, beautiful glitter, sparkles brighten up the game. The zombies are zombies that are supposed to be scary, but in this game, it is also very cute. Along with the sounds are the fun soundtracks, as with other games, there are different sounds when and when the station kills enemies.

There is no need to worry about the problem of picking up coins anymore, but you still have no shortage of money to upgrade the strength of the dragon as well as the princess with Dragon Hills 2 Mod version because it can be used Unlimited Coins forever. not all. So playing the game money is no longer a problem, it doesn’t matter to pick up gold anymore, but you can focus on overcoming the screens to destroy the enemy, but you can also unleash your strength as well as enough skills to destroy enemies. Enemies overcome all challenges to become game-breakers.

Download Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

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