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Dragon Idle Adventure is inspired by legendary movies about mythical dragons. Realistic simulation of the world of dragons living. Players will be taken to a completely new place that you certainly have not seen anywhere. Your main task when participating in this gameplay is to build and develop a dragon farm. Use them as trailers to transport agricultural products from the field to the warehouse. Feed the dragon with the fruits available in your garden. Let their body be provided with energy, support you in your work more easily. Along with that is a source of clean water led from the cave. Create favorable conditions for baby dragons to quickly grow, increase in size and strength. The gameplay is simple, you don’t need to do many complicated and annoying operations. There is plenty of free time for you to do other things. But do not forget the important time when the dragon is hungry or sleepy needs to act immediately. Avoid the situation that they are exhausted, unable to function.

Download Dragon Idle Adventure Mod – Simulate the legendary dragon world

This mysterious land is where all kinds of animals are living, growing, and developing extremely strongly. Dragon Idle Adventure Mod for players to be immersed in nature, explore the world of dragons in legend. In addition to this animal, the player can also see many other animals and beasts. Nature is extremely vivid, the majestic landscape appears in the most realistic way. Through 3D graphics, players can easily feel this wonderful thing. Along with that are the tasks the system assigns you to perform. Need to complete on time to receive items, attractive gifts. Develop the dragon farm to grow bigger and bigger. The special thing is that there are dragons that move on legs, have wings but cannot fly. Many special and new things are waiting for you to experience and discover.

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Build and develop a dragon farm

In the world of this legendary dragon. You have to find food to feed yourself and take care of the other baby dragons. Clean water is available in many caves. But you need pipes to be able to bring those drops of clean water to your farm. The land in which you are operating the farm has been cursed by the dark forces. There is only a very small area of ​​land that can be cultivated and raised. That’s why you need to make the most of this valuable resource. To be able to expand the farm, the area is larger, the player needs a relatively large amount of gold coins. The improvement is quite simple, you can watch promotional videos, complete the assignment system, etc. Develop a diverse farm with many different dragon species.

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Growing food crops

The first thing you need to do when you first enter the game is to quickly plant fruit trees. Typical and most important is the apple tree. Food source with extremely high nutritional value for dragons to have enough energy to operate. Your farm will not be able to grow without these plants. In addition to feeding the dragon, you can sell it for a lot of coins. Although the arable land is very small. But if you know how to use it rationally and intelligently, it will also bring efficiency and high economic value. In order for the apple trees to grow quickly and harvest a lot of fruit, players need to water and take care of them regularly. Go to the shop and buy some fertilizers specifically for fruit trees. In just a few hours, your apple tree has grown too large, bearing fruit.

Dragon Idle Adventure mod

Dragon activities

Your farm will not be able to grow and function without the support of your dragon friends. They can help you transport goods, pull carts, suck water, etc… Without the help of these cute dragons, you will spend a lot of time and effort. There are a few types that will make you happy, have more laughter moments. More importantly, you can use those dragons to assist with farm work. All activities will be accelerated, completed more easily. Hollie cannot assist you in transporting agricultural products. But it can make apple trees grow quickly, producing many fruits in a short time.

Dragon Idle Adventure mod apk for android

Dragon Idle Adventure is dedicated to those who love the simulation game genre. Step into the world of funny, lovely dragons. Build and develop your dragon farm bigger on day 1. Using them in off-farm work, all activities on the farm will take place a lot easier. There are many things in this mysterious world for you to explore. Download Dragon Idle Adventure Mod attractive dragon farming game.

Download Dragon Idle Adventure Mod APK 1.106 (Free Upgrade)

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