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Mythical stories about dragons always arouse the curiosity of gamers. Because this is a noble animal and there are many mysteries that mankind has not yet discovered. Coming to Dragon shooter you will have the opportunity to learn and also own a dragon that you always want. Participating in this gameplay, players will control their dragons, participating in fierce spark shooting matches. The dragon world is in danger of being invaded by giant monsters. As a brave dragon warrior, the player will control it to the place where there are monsters and destroy all of them. Since the enemy is extremely strong, it is necessary to fully equip your dragon to be ready to fight. Perform challenges and tasks assigned to the system to receive bonuses and increase its power. The gameplay has easy-to-understand gameplay, so you will quickly get caught up in the dramatic matches and maybe get addicted. Many interesting missions along with high-quality graphics. Guaranteed to bring players eye-catching spark shooting screens, hands.

Download Dragon shooter Mod – Fight and protect the dragon world

The world of dragons in Dragon shooter Mod is storing an extremely valuable treasure. If given the opportunity to own it, it will have boundless power, transforming everything, dominating the whole world. Therefore, there are many bad guys who want to take over, and monsters are no exception. They are aggressively searching and destroying all dragons. Aim to carry out the plot to rob the treasure and become the ruler of the world with omnipotence. Players will join their friends to fight and destroy their evil plot. Bloody battles occur between monsters and dragons. Players will control their dragon to continuously launch sparks towards the enemy. Move it flexibly with the virtual keys on the screen. Each dragon has a 1 HP bar so players know how to adjust its fitness. Don’t let your warriors fight too hard, it will lead to blood shortage, and will die. So try to avoid enemy damage and obstacles along the way. Do not let the enemy get too close, they will attack suddenly, you will not be able to turn back. Protecting the dragon’s life is the most important.

Dragon shooter mod

Dragon system

You want to own a strong and agile dragon warrior, gameplay will meet this. There are about 10 dragons with different interesting characteristics. They have their own unique abilities and strengths. Players will be spoiled for choice for a god dragon that suits their skills. After each level, you can completely change to another dragon. Because each type of monster will also have its own strength. Players need to know how to grasp and choose a suitable warrior for themselves. Enough power to overwhelm that monster. In addition, you can also equip dragons with sturdy armor. Can avoid enemy damage, protect the body very well.

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Upgrade system

After each level, the important thing players need to do is upgrade their warriors. The levels will be more and more difficult. Therefore, it takes strong physical strength to survive. Players can use the bonus money or sell the accumulated items. To increase the strength and increase the amount of HP for dragons. Increases the damage of sparks, will kill enemies faster and easier. Let’s pass all the levels to maximize the dragon’s power. Get ready for the battle with the terrible and dangerous boss.

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Complete the quest and defeat the boss

The monsters wanted to quickly snatch the treasure. So he took all the baby dragons hostage, threatening us. So you will coordinate with your teammates to go to their lair. Beat them to pieces and rescue the hostages. There will be countless monsters blocking the way so be very careful. After killing all the minions. Go straight to the cultivation place of the leader, the lord of darkness. Because he possesses the power of a dark force. So you alone won’t be able to beat it. This is the time to unite with teammates. With a clear strategy, attack him from all sides in a row. That lord won’t be able to react in time and accept death as inevitable.

Graphics and sound

Dragon shooter Mod is designed with 2D graphics and a bit of a classic style. To give players a familiar feeling similar to the myth that has been heard. The colors in the gameplay are extremely eye-catching that will attract players. By the colorful scales of dragons and creatures around. Images and details are also carefully constructed. To be able to realistically simulate the battle scene in the game. Especially when sparks shoot out, beautiful effects will appear. Extremely rich sounds of animals intertwine. Exciting background music stimulates players to want to experience it immediately.

Dragon shooter mod

Dragon shooter will let you interact and control your favorite dragon. Discover its potential power and understand the dragon’s habits, habits, and fighting skills. Learn the experience and combat skills of gamers around the world. Download Dragon shooter Mod to join the fierce battle with monsters, destroy their evil plots, protect a peaceful life in the dragon world.

Download Dragon shooter Mod APK 1.1.01 (Unlimited Money/High Damage, Fire Rate)

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