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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Free Upgrades: 3 types of upgrades all cost $0. You are free to upgrade as needed.

Draw Duel Mod is an action game released by Lion Studios. Featuring an exciting double combat style, along with innovative gameplay that will help you become the strongest. Here the player will simulate for the character to perform combat skills. During the battle, the player can sometimes be challenged by other opponents. If you are ready then you can join that fight, with the aim of giving him a lesson. Along with that, the victory will have to go hand in hand with the reward, helping you to receive many attractive gifts. Although the gameplay is quite simple, the game is extremely attractive with its creative ability. So it attracted a lot of people. Although it has only been on the market for a while, the game has quickly attracted more than 5 million installs. Along with that, it received more than 6,000 positive responses from the audience.

Download Draw Duel Mod – Create Moves For Characters To Perform

The gameplay is quite easy, just draw on an empty box on the screen for the character to follow the skill you created. Along with a simple control system, you will quickly get used to it as soon as you enter the first screen. During the battle Draw Duel, Mod allows you to unleash your creativity. Then you can tick a line, let the character attack the opponent directly. Or create a path, helping the character defend and take damage from enemies. The player can even draw a more dangerous slash, making the opponent not know how to dodge. Over the course of the game, you will learn a lot of new tricks to win against your opponent. In addition, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually, at the beginning of a level there are only 2 or 3 levels to play. But later on, each level will have more and more levels.Download Draw Duel Mod

Power Upgrading

After the end of the game, the system will based on the number of points you have achieved in the game screen to give the corresponding bonus amount. Using that money, you can upgrade and equip your character. In Draw Duel Mod, there are 3 elements you need to upgrade, including strength, defense, and bonus. As for strength, upgrading your character will increase the ability to damage attacks. This not only gives the character an advantage but also makes the enemy quickly defeated. Next is the ability to defend, helping the character withstand the opponent’s attacks longer. Then you will increase your win rate much higher. Finally, there is the bonus ratio, which helps players get more money after winning. That money will help you have the opportunity to own many new weapons.Game Draw Duel Mod

Weapon system

Besides upgrading strength, weapons are also a very important factor in the battle process. Because it is a tool for you to directly attack the opponent. Draw Duel Mod provides players with 14 different weapons for you to choose from. Including swords, axes, bows, and knives, even a swordfish also appear in the weapon system. Each weapon will have its own unique effect and power. For example, if you own a large and long sword, it will make your opponent quickly defeated. Or use a bow and arrow that can attack from a long distance, even without losing any strength. However, players cannot spend money to buy. Instead, you need to accumulate experience points during the battle, to be able to unlock them.Draw Duel Mod

Support items

During the game Draw Duel Mod, players will be supported with some items. Those are item chests, they appear after you complete a few levels. Unlocking players will have the opportunity to receive power, speed, and weapons. This will be a huge advantage for you to quickly defeat the enemy. Sometimes you will feel like the opponent is frozen because the movement is very slow. However in each level of play, not always. But they only appear once or twice, so you need to calculate carefully before using them to bring the best effect.Draw Duel Mod APK

When downloading the Mod version of the game Draw Duel, players will experience the free upgrade feature. Then you can upgrade your strength, defense, and reward ratio to the maximum without losing a single penny. Besides, Draw Duel Mod is designed with simple 2D graphics. Although it is an action game, the battle scene takes place mainly on a white and blue background. Create a character without eyes, nose, mouth, and no expression. Mainly creative skills, drawn by yourself. Combined with simple sounds, expressed through musical melodies when the character fights.

Download Draw Duel Mod APK 1.1.0 (Free Upgrades)

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