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Dungeon Survival takes players to the darkest and most dangerous place in the world. Nowhere other than the dungeon, where the mysteries that humans have not yet discovered. Gameplay will help you somewhat understand more about this scary space. Players will join a party to adventure in the dungeon to find the treasure that has been hidden here for hundreds of years. This is an extremely difficult task because this place is designed like a maze, very complicated. Without a map or any instructions, finding a place to keep the treasure was even more complicated and difficult. Requires players to have great experience and intelligence to find the right path. Every member of the team must always follow each other closely because it is easy to get lost. Moreover, they also have to face terrible monsters, need to work together to be able to defeat them. With an engaging linear storyline along with exciting quests. Make sure fans are not disappointed and will have a rewarding experience.

Download Dungeon Survival Mod – Hunting treasures in dungeons

Legend has it that, in the dungeon of Dungeon Survival Mod, there is a treasure stored. A lot of people went in and couldn’t come back. By participating in the gameplay, players will have the opportunity to become the owner of this treasure. You will build yourself a team of the 4 most talented people. Join them to conquer these dark and dangerous roads. The team will have to face horror monsters or giant monsters. They had been cultivating in this dungeon for many years, so they possessed incredible strength. Players will be equipped with the most advanced weapons along with protective gear. To be confident, ready to fight them at any time. Not only monsters but also in this deadly dungeon there is a laser system. Wanting to overcome it, requires the player to have a dagger to fly over and skillfully wriggle. Your life is the most important, so every action must always be considered, then made sure. Kill all the monsters and find out where the treasure is hidden.

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Choose your teammates

The treasure hunt is very long and dangerous, requiring players to have talented teammates to support. Gameplay has a rich character system, allowing you to choose your favorite warriors. All their detailed information will be updated continuously for players to easily analyze and evaluate the capacity and advantages of each player. Each person will have their own strengths and occupations such as ADC, Mage, Swordsman, etc. They all have different special appearances and clear strengths. You can build a team of diverse strengths and shapes. To match his clever tactics.

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Upgrade system

After intense battles with monsters, players will feel the strength of the whole team is significantly increased. It was thanks to the upgrade system that automatically increased the strength of the whole team. The difficulty and danger of the challenges and missions will increase over time. The number of monsters and the traps you have to overcome will be many. It takes the best physical strength to be ready to conquer all. In addition, after completing the mission, players will be able to choose for themselves and the team the most modern weapons. Along with valuable items that heal quickly, increase attack speed, etc.

Dungeon Survival mod apk

Complete mission

Players will discover many secrets of the dungeon during the quest. There are countless evil monsters that you need to destroy. They all have one thing in common: they are afraid of the light. This is a weakness that players can take advantage of. It will make it easier to defeat the monsters. Each time you complete a quest, you will receive a hint about the treasure chest feature or a hint of directions. Just like that, completing all the quests you will have full information about it that will be easy to find. The treasure will be yours, this is the priceless reward for the winner.

Dungeon Survival mod apk for android

Graphics and Sound

The dark, mysterious space of the dungeon is clearly shown thanks to the design with 3D graphics. The publisher has worked hard to build to give players the most authentic experience. Character creation is quite special with all kinds of shapes. Along with eye-catching attractive skins, help them stand out and shine in every match. The details and images are meticulously and carefully built. Along with gloomy black tones will simulate the dungeon space. So that players can visualize out of reality. Diverse, lively sounds of monsters. The background music is sometimes funny, sometimes it will be dramatic depending on the situation.

Dungeon Survival is full of attractive features for players to experience. With tactical gameplay that requires quick thinking and quick reflexes. Suitable for gamers who want to challenge their intelligence. Players can invite friends to join the experience and find the treasure. Will help everyone have happy, wonderful moments. Download Dungeon Survival Mod to adventure in dungeon space and hunt for treasure.

Download Dungeon Survival Mod APK 1.65 (Unlimited money)

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