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Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel takes players on a dangerous adventure journey, destroying the demon king. Break his curse on your inhabited land. Join the gameplay where the player plays the role of a strong, brave hero. With your friends, form a team of brave warriors. Link, join forces to go on the endless road. The mission of the team is to defeat evil. The enemy possesses the power of the forces of darkness. So they are terribly strong, raging to destroy human life. If it continued like this, all of humanity might fall into slavery under the demon king’s barrier. As a leader, you need to lead the team. Go straight into the enemy’s lair, kill them all. Along the way, to get information, the location of the demon king’s lair. Players need to answer some questions that the system gives. The correct answer will get useful information and vice versa. If you answer incorrectly, you will not receive a hint. And it will take a lot of time and effort of the whole team. Causing people to take a very long detour, full of dangerous youkai.

Download Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel Mod – Journey to destroy the demon king, break the curse

The demon lord underground is plotting something very evil, cruel. Only you and your teammates have the ability to prevent bad things from happening. Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel Mod has a special fighting style. Because players have to act at the same time have to solve extremely brain-hacking puzzles. It can be seen that the journey of the whole team is extremely difficult and difficult. Along the way will have to destroy countless youkai and also have to avoid extremely sophisticated traps. If the player is not alert, it is very likely that he will be trapped, and the game will be stopped immediately. Passing all the challenges, the team mission will reach the demon king’s base. And must answer the questions of the minions to be able to penetrate deeply into this lord’s cultivation place. Gameplay will help players train their thinking to handle unexpected situations intelligently. To that scheming, cunning lord. Players need to have a good strategy with teammates and coordinate well. Only to be able to win, bring glory to the homeland.

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Recruiting talented teammates

Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel Mod has countless tasks, players need to have a perfect squad. You can choose warriors with different strengths and occupations. For example Gunner, mage, swordsman, etc. Having all of them in the squad will help you more leisurely when performing the task. With a gunner with the ability to be a sharpshooter. And magicians have powerful magic. The swordsman with the invincible sword made many feats. When all of them are gathered, there won’t be any opponents that can make it difficult for players. In particular, there must be a wise and brave strategist who follows you to be able to answer the correct puzzles. And come up with reasonable combat strategies, bringing the highest efficiency.

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The battle with the monster

The journey of the whole team is extremely long and dangerous. So facing countless monsters was inevitable. Most of them are minions of the lord, tasked with hindering and destroying humans. Having practiced for many years, the strength is enough to make it difficult for players. To destroy all of them, the whole team will have to work together to win easily. After dramatic battles with monsters. Players will have to complete important tasks. That is to destroy the big boss, break the curse on the land you live in. This lord is extremely powerful and cunning. You must, along with your teammates, observe, take advantage of loopholes and seize the opportunity to attack continuously. Make the other big boss unable to react and be defeated.

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Weapons and items

Fighting with such a strong enemy, players need to have a thorough preparation of weapons. It is the factor that helps you to win. Gameplay has a diverse arsenal of weapons, can be spoiled for choice. Having a weapon that fits your hand and has high damage will give you a lot more confidence in combat. In the process of fighting monsters, extremely valuable items will appear. It has the effect of helping you increase attack speed, increase resistance, damage, and can even help you heal. And turn the tide of the war, you will prevail to win easily. So, quickly collect all the items in the game to own 1 invincible power.


After each stage and win, players and teammates will receive a large number of bonuses. At the same time, there are additional valuable gifts. For example Weapons, items, blood bags, etc. This will be the motivation for the whole team to work together and strive to complete the task. Players will have moments of great glory. In particular, the true experiences that the graphics bring to players. Configuration 3D graphics should be extremely sharp and realistic. Your actions on the screen will be very smooth, without jerks or errors. You can experience the gameplay for a long time without getting bored.

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Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel converges preeminent features that other games of the same genre do not have. With unique gameplay, special will give players interesting and new experiences. The gameplay also trains you to think intelligently and react quickly to unexpected questions and situations. Download Dunidle Mod to become a talented hero who brings a happy life to people.

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