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Dynasty Blade 2 is an upgraded and improved version of Dynasty Blade. There are more advanced, new and attractive features equipped. The gameplay still retains the plot taken from the famous movie Three Kingdoms, attracting many viewers. The characters are designed quite delicately, eye-catching. The war is opened between the generals and heroes in the movie together. They are looking to find the strongest, able to dominate, to lead this kingdom. However, that is not the point of the game. After finding the strongest person, they will plan to fight against the enemy. Because the land under your control has been watched by other opponents. Creepy monsters constantly attack. The large map allows you to move to any place you like. Enjoy exploring the beautiful and majestic landscapes in the game. But you also have to be very careful, always carry a weapon with you. Because enemies can appear and attack you anywhere.

Download Dynasty Blade 2 Mod – Let’s explore the mysterious world in the Three Kingdoms

Dynasty Blade 2 Mod attracts many players because the gameplay has integrated online fighting and fighting features. Players will face many other gamers playing online. To do this, you need to create an account in the game. If you have a Facebook account, please link to the game. Immediately after completing these steps, you will be taken to the training room. The system will let players choose the character they like. Then combine with the instructions from the system, start the battle against the boss. The basic operation is similar to other role-playing games. You will control your character to move to the location of the enemy. Then use the skills and moves that the character has to destroy all monsters. Collect items and equipment that appear along the way.

Dynasty Blade 2 mod apk

Diverse arsenal

More than 100 different weapons for you to choose from to equip your character. Depending on the level of the game you can use the appropriate weapon. However, players will have to create new weapons themselves. Search and collect materials required by the system. In the first stages, you will be guided meticulously and in detail to do this. Over time, players will be able to create their own weapons at will. This process can be quite expensive. So be fully prepared.

Dynasty Blade 2 game mod

Hero character system

The characters from the movie Three Kingdoms appear in Dynasty Blade 2 Mod. Players are free to choose the hero they like. However, to get new characters, you need to summon their souls. You need to search and collect all the pieces that appear on the map. If there are not enough pieces required by the system, the character will not be able to unlock. Each hero will need a unique number. Please collect them all to make your character inventory more diverse and richer.

Dynasty Blade 2 game mod hack

Fighting skills

Each hero will have 4 distinct fighting skills. When you first enter you will only be able to use 2 moves. To unlock all of them, you need to fight and defeat monsters. When the player has reached a higher level, the player will gain money and experience to be able to use the remaining 2 skills. Please upgrade over time so that the hero’s attacks are strengthened, dealing more damage.


It is an online competition game, online between many people. So the results after each win match will be saved by the system. If you want to have your name written on it, it takes a lot of fighting effort. To be able to write my name on it. Every week, the system will update new names with the highest winning score. To be able to award rewards, sign up for leaderboards. Try to fight hard at each level to get your name on it. All other players in the world will see this.

Dynasty Blade 2 mod apk

After each winning game screen, you will receive a reward from the system. Use that money to upgrade the strength of the character’s skills. Or you can also buy new weapons to help the hero become stronger. Equip the hero’s accessories and armor to increase defense. Don’t forget to collect items, equipment, weapons, etc……. Appear on your travels. Download Dynasty Blade 2 Mod fight hard to win.

Download Dynasty Blade 2 Mod APK 26.0.00 (Menu/Onehit, immortality, unlimited skills)

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