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Empires & Puzzles Mod is a brand new match-3 puzzle game. The game combines elements of building, puzzle, and RPG combat. In the fantasy battles that follow a novel, you play as a hero. Play through match-3 puzzle levels to battle your enemies. Collect resources and loot to build an empire of your own. In particular, you can participate in PvP online battles. Compete with other players, pairing magic stones to attack enemies.

Download Empires & Puzzles Mod – Battle With Monsters To Build The Kingdom

Every battle in Empires & Puzzles Mod is through match-3 puzzle levels. You match magic stones with the same symbol and color, horizontally or vertically. Match 3 or more types to create power, help heroes fight enemies. At the same time, create combos that will help the hero deal large amounts of damage to the enemy. After the end of the battle, you will receive the reward. Continue to the next battle. Fight stronger enemies with superior combat abilities.Empires & Puzzles Mod

A lot of enemies, facing the boss

Enemies in Empires & Puzzles Mod are extremely diverse. Animals such as dragons, beetles, wolves, etc. Or dangerous monsters with scary appearances. Each enemy you encounter possesses the ability to fight persistently. Can attack and deal damage to heroes. Not just fighting beasts and monsters. You also have to face giant bosses. Possesses outstanding combat power. Along with a huge amount of health, strong defense. Can withstand continuous attacks from heroes. Through match-3 puzzle wars. Defeat each enemy in turn to complete the mission.Game Empires & Puzzles Mod

PvP Online Battle

Besides the storyline battles, face the monsters. Empires & Puzzles Mod also takes you to PvP battles. Here, you can battle online players through match-3 puzzle levels. Show off your puzzle skills by arranging magic stones. Help the heroes attack the opponent’s forces. With turn-based gameplay, the two factions will take turns solving puzzles to attack. The battle only ends when the enemy forces or your heroes are completely defeated. If you want to win, you need to defeat all of the opposing heroes. From there affirming their own puzzle skills, as well as the strength of the heroes.

Kingdom Building

Coming to Empires & Puzzles Mod you can build your own kingdom. Build houses, training camps, smithy, etc. Each construction not only helps the kingdom become stronger. But it also helps your fighting force to be increased. For example, the training camp helps the heroes increase their fighting ability. Or the smithy, where you can craft more powerful weapons for heroes. Helps them to deal massive amounts of damage every time they attack an enemy. Besides, upgrading the works is very necessary. Each building after being upgraded will achieve better efficiency. Help your kingdom grow day by day.Download Empires & Puzzles Mod

Hero system

Empires & Puzzles Mod owns hundreds of different heroes for you to discover. Typically like Morel, Aouda, Toxicandra, Phileas Fogg, Hannah, etc. And many other powerful heroes. Each hero has its own fighting power. Their appearance and fighting style is extremely impressive. Through match-3 puzzle battles. You will collect loot and bonuses. From there, you can unlock your favorite heroes.

Hero upgrade

If you want heroes to become stronger, you need to upgrade their strength. At Empires & Puzzles Mod there are many things for you to upgrade your hero. Equip weapons to increase damage per hit. Increasing the level will help the hero increase his fighting ability. The ability of each hero is shown through the color of the card, the number of stars, up to 5 stars. The higher the number of stars and levels, the greater the strength of the hero. Can attack enemies with powerful attacks. Causes them to consume a huge amount of health, easy to defeat.Tai Empires & Puzzles Mod

Empires & Puzzles Mod is impressively designed with sharp 3D graphics. Combined with perfect, vivid colors. Expressed through the environment, construction works. Shapes of heroes and monsters are extremely unique. Along with items during the match-3 puzzle experience. With its own unique icons and colors. Vivid effects every time you create combos and attack enemies. Mixed with interesting music melodies, making you feel more excited.

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