Download Epic Magic Warrior Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlimited money, potions, energy)

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlimited Energy
4. Unlimited Potions
*Increase when you spent

Epic Magic Warrior is set in a world invaded by a dark lord. To carry out evil purposes. The human race is in danger of extinction. By participating in the gameplay, players will transform into talented magicians. With the ability to use magical spells and possess outstanding intelligence. He is the only person who has the power given to him by the gods and can save a life for mankind. You have a task to prevent and destroy the existence of the dark forces on this earth. Enemies are extremely strong and numerous. So players need to prepare themselves with the most advanced weapons. Gain insights and use power effectively. Always be cautious and calculated when acting. Because everywhere around is danger always lurking to claim your life. The gameplay has easy-to-understand gameplay, so you can get used to it from the first game and it’s very addictive. In particular, the perfect combination of 3D graphics and high-quality sound. Will bring players moments of relaxation and fun.

Download Epic Magic Warrior Mod – Journey to save the world from the dark lord with magic

Coming to Epic Magic Warrior Mod, players will control their character to move to lands with monsters. Use magic to destroy them all. Those monsters are all minions of the lord, so they need to be eliminated quickly. This is the basic task for you to train and improve your combat skills. To be ready to confront the terrible bosses. They have had many years of cultivation, their strength has reached its peak, and they have a lot of combat experience. To cope can’t just rely on a little magic and your strength. But there needs to be a smart strategy, unpredictable transformation. Take advantage of his loopholes and attack, knocking down in a flash. Practice a lot to be able to move the character at will. The more enemies you kill, the more attack power will be. Because of those destroyed ones, When dead, the remaining power will automatically transfer to the player. Having such a strong physique will help you go further. This rescue journey is still very long and arduous. Requires players to have perseverance and courage. Overcome all challenges, missions. Players will be rewarded with attractive rewards.

Epic Magic Warrior mod

Find a companion

When you feel alone adventure is boring and lonely. Find yourself talented and reliable companions. Will share with you when performing tasks, support you when encountering too strong enemies. Or simply chat together during the journey. But to do that, players will have to trade the resources they have. Only can unlock the warriors you want. All characters in this gameplay possess a different source of special powers. Please choose for yourself the companions that are suitable and helpful for you.

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Equipment system

As a talented mage, there would be no need to use weapons often. But when engaging with such a powerful enemy. Use it to defeat them quickly without losing any strength. Players will be provided with a number of items by the drum system such as Armor, shoes, hats, rings, gloves, and indispensable staff. Each type will have its own useful use. Gameplay has weapons with high damage such as Sword, bows, guns, etc. You can choose for yourself a weapon you like best and fit your hand.

Epic Magic Warrior mod

Upgrade and defeat the lord

After each level, the system will automatically upgrade the player. The more difficult the game level, the stronger and more powerful your power will be, reaching the maximum level. The character’s body stats increased significantly. For example Resist, damage, attack speed, etc. You will be able to defeat dangerous bosses. Especially that dark lord. No matter how many guards he had, he possessed the power of the dark world. Just need your mage to combine strength, magic, and great intelligence. Will defeat that lord easily.

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Graphics and Sound

Players will have an adventure like in real life. Because the gameplay is designed with 3D graphics, players can easily observe every scene. The image is meticulously built to realistically simulate the mysterious scene in the game. The main color is dark but stands out with the character’s eye-catching skin. Rich sounds come from many places in people’s lives such as door-sliding, footsteps, animals, etc. Background music is sometimes fun or exciting to attract players more.
Epic Magic Warrior will give players the opportunity to experience combat with magic. The gameplay also takes you to many beautiful places, ideal to be viewed from above. Not only performing missions but also traveling the world, satisfying your passion to explore new lands. Download Epic Magic Warrior Mod to destroy the forces of darkness, become a talented magician, and save the world from chaos and suffering.

Download Epic Magic Warrior Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlimited money, potions, energy)

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