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Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim simulates dating for players involved in different relationships. Gameplay is operated in an interactive style. You can chat, chat, call, video call to get to know other people. This is your chance to find and experience a new relationship. There are many interesting and attractive things for players to explore. The story revolves around the main character is a male student who has the habit of writing a diary every day. Suddenly, one day, hundreds of beautiful, attractive girls invited him to attend a music show. A series of messages and conversations are brought to you. The gameplay is simple, players only need to choose the way to answer every time there is an incoming message or call. However, your main task is not that simple. The main goal will be to connect the colored blocks below together to score points. Each time the connection is successful, the girls will dance, cheer for you.

Download Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim Mod – Fun dating game for android

Essentially Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim Mod has the same basic gameplay as the legendary diamond game. The player’s task is to link blocks of the same color together. Of course, the blocks will have many colors. As a puzzle game, players need to have thought in each of their actions. Each time you complete a task, you will receive rewards worthy of your efforts. Gameplay requires players to be very attentive, observe and find the blocks of the same color. Then connect them together. Create big explosions to score a lot of points. The girls around you are extremely sexy. Hot appearance, stimulating players to participate in dating relationships. Try to solve a lot of puzzles, the girl will show off her figure, do many more attractive things.

Eroblast Waifu Dating Sim mod apk

Simple interface

The publisher has optimized the main interface of the game so that players can learn and grasp information more quickly and easily. When you first enter, the first thing that catches your eye is the chat with the girls. Each line of sweet messages is displayed on the screen. Then the screen will show a blue Play game button with hearts around. Click on it to start the game, also agree to date the girl. In the main interface, the game modes, the dating invitations are fully displayed. However, all messages and languages ​​are in English. You need to use google translate or a support tool if you do not have understanding and knowledge in this field.

Game Eroblast Waifu Dating Sim mod

Style play

The gameplay is very simple, completely different from today’s dating games. In a frame, there are squares of different colors. With bricks lined up in the middle. Your task is to connect all the blocks of the same color to create an explosion, breaking the other bricks. The system will specify the time you need to complete on time. When there are no more bricks on the screen, you have won. Pay attention to the actions and gestures of the girl above the screen every time you score. That will make it easier for players to solve puzzles.

Game Eroblast Waifu Dating Sim mod hack

Dating many other girls

Each girl will be a challenge, a puzzle for you to learn and decipher. You can date many different girls easily. When solving difficult puzzles, there will be more beautiful, hot women who want to date. However, the difficulty of the challenges is proportional to the beauty of the girl. The more beautiful and attractive the woman is, the more difficult and brain-damaging puzzles are corresponding. But it’s also a fun experience that challenges your wits.

Hot girls

The common point of all the girls in Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim Mod is that they have extremely hot bodies. Wear a dress that shows off your curves. Make players more excited and excited. She is the reward when you successfully solve the puzzle. So think, try to solve all the puzzles to have the opportunity to date many other beautiful girls. Don’t forget after each level, go to the chat section to see the messages the girl sends you.

Tai game Eroblast Waifu Dating Sim mod apk

Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim builds and develops games around the image of a woman with a hot body. Although the gameplay only works on 2D graphics, the quality is still guaranteed to be great. It is also enough for players to feel excited and excited about sexy and attractive girls. Download Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim Mod dating the most beautiful and charming girls.

Download Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim Mod APK 34.1569 (Unlimited Money)

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