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Take part in the horror puzzle levels of Escape Logan Estate Mod. Players are exposed to horror questions in a gloomy house. This place appears in a lot of scary scenes, giving you fear through each level. Your task is to find and collect objects in the house. Use them to find out the password of the door, help you escape the house as if it were haunted. This is a puzzle game from the developer of Snapbreak game. Requires high observation and logic to find difficult answers.

Download Escape Logan Estate Mod – Puzzle Game with Horror Style

The plot of Escape Logan Estate Mod is about the visit to the grandfather of the Duncan family. Play as members of Duncan’s family to explore his grandfather’s gloomy house in Lucan. With 3 chapters, each family member corresponds to a chapter. Your task is to find out the mysteries behind the stories in the house. The background of the game is designed in the direction of horror. Although there are no gore and killing scenes, it still gives you a feeling of fear. The game has a narrative style, with conversations between family members. The same way of seeing things of each member will be different when you role-play them.Game Escape Logan Estate Mod

Puzzle gameplay, overcome challenges, increasing difficulty

The gameplay of Escape Logan Estate Mod is puzzle style. Your task is to find objects in the house, they are located in many different locations. Deepen the chain of collected items to find the answer you are wondering. After completing the puzzle in turn, you will move to the next level. At the same time, the difficulty of the game also increases from there. The game offers you dozens of challenging puzzles. Players need to overcome each challenge to uncover many mysterious stories.Tai Escape Logan Estate Mod

Role-playing in a child, the task of deciphering the door

Starting from the character of the son in the Duncan family. The task in your Escape Logan Estate Mod is to enter the door password to exit the house. First, you need to assemble a special symbol map by collecting puzzle pieces. They are located in many different places such as behind the picture, in the drawer, and many other places. Collecting pieces of paper will help you put together a complete map. From there, you will have the opportunity to find out the password of the door. As noted above, the game takes place in a narrative style. As soon as you open the door, grandpa appears and prevents you from going out. At this point, you need to find other objects in the house to find the new password. For example, turn on the gas stove to boil a thermos or fill the water tank with the thermos you just boiled. From there, you can find out the next codes to open the door locked by grandpa.Download Escape Logan Estate Mod

Play as Duncan’s father, the quest to get the vase

Play as Duncan, the father of the family. Your first task is to unlock the cabinet to get the precious vase. In the process, you will have to search for hammers, light bulbs, and magnets to perform various tasks. Use the light to find the password on the mirror. Use the magnet to move the key out of the maze on the door. At the same time, you have to rearrange the position of the books, by moving them in order. After that, you can use the collected hammers to unlock the cabinet. Follow each step, in turn, you will complete the task excellently. Requires logic and quick observation to spot anomalies. From there, you can figure out the code to complete the puzzle.Escape Logan Estate Mod

Consists of 3 chapters

Escape Logan Estate Mod has a total of 3 chapters. In each chapter, you will role-play as a family member. With the quest to solve the puzzle, complete the excellent way to move on to the next puzzle. However, only the first chapter can be experienced for free. The remaining two chapters need to be unlocked.

The graphics of Escape Logan Estate Mod are designed in a classic 2D form. The image quality is not vivid, a bit scary. The shape of the character and the objects are a bit rough, you can easily see through the drawings. Especially when talking about the sound of the game. With creepy music melodies, shown through each action of the character when performing a certain operation. However, that is what gives players a feeling of excitement and suspense through each level.

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